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1,773 / 3,840
Hatch progress 46%
1,806 / 3,840
Hatch progress 47%
1,795 / 3,840
Hatch progress 46%
1,795 / 3,840
Hatch progress 46%
1,795 / 3,840
Hatch progress 46%
1,784 / 3,840
Hatch progress 46%
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Type Race:
All-Out Pummeling (Fighting)
Joined: 08/Feb/2014
Starter: Shinx
Rank: C Ace
Silver Normal Gemwish Badge
Gold Fire Gemwish Badge
Silver Water Gemwish Badge
Bronze Electric Gemwish Badge
Silver Grass Gemwish Badge
Bronze Ice Gemwish Badge
Bronze Fighting Gemwish Badge
Bronze Poison Gemwish Badge
Bronze Ground Gemwish Badge
Bronze Flying Gemwish Badge
Silver Psychic Gemwish Badge
Bronze Bug Gemwish Badge
Adamantium Rock Gemwish Badge
Bronze Ghost Gemwish Badge
Bronze Dragon Gemwish Badge
Bronze Dark Gemwish Badge
Bronze Steel Gemwish Badge
Bronze Fairy Gemwish Badge
Please click my WF fields <3 I will always click back! (provided im online that day)

About Kymahwolf

Welcome to my Fields ^^ Thanks for all clicks in advance! Sales links listed below.
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My husband Caliber Avatar drawn by me

Current Hunt

Hatched|5,220 93/25/1 Troll Parties: 4 First Melan Hatched at 3,485

Future Hunts

Past Hunts

None Yet

I hunt with HyperMode + Ubercarm
Currency rates 1=5=5k

Currently in Shop

To Purchase, please PM me or Visit my shop ^^
22/female. If you have the time to trade/chat, don't hesitate to PM :3

A little more about me

I've been a fan of pokemon since I was 4 or 5. I made my account back in 2014, but left for alittle under 4 years... I've returned for a while and am having a lot of fun now that I'm back! Apart from pokemon, I enjoy art, writing, and costume making. Fandoms I'm activly in are : The furry fandom. Pretty much it haha.
Currently looking for
Lucky Eggs
Any Relic
Daycare Pass
Any gem
Any Boxes
I'm open to pokemon/dex trades, just shoot me a PM! Trading shines for shinies is most welcome, so don't hesitate to ask ^^

Notes for me

Save to buy shelter pass X next GP discount day I've figured out why ya'll interact with exactly 7, so yall get pushed to the top to get clicked back more.... clever clever, I like it lol
code *Image drawn by me
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