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16,071 / 30,720
Hatch progress 52%
16,071 / 30,720
Hatch progress 52%
16,067 / 30,720
Hatch progress 52%
16,067 / 30,720
Hatch progress 52%
16,067 / 30,720
Hatch progress 52%
16,065 / 30,720
Hatch progress 52%
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Type Race:
Hydro Vortex (Water)
Joined: 20/Sep/2015
Starter: Helioptile
Rank: A Champion
Platinum Normal Gemwish Badge
Platinum Fire Gemwish Badge
Wishalloy Water Gemwish Badge
Platinum Electric Gemwish Badge
Titanium Grass Gemwish Badge
Mythril Ice Gemwish Badge
Bronze Fighting Gemwish Badge
Platinum Poison Gemwish Badge
Gold Ground Gemwish Badge
Platinum Flying Gemwish Badge
Gold Psychic Gemwish Badge
Platinum Bug Gemwish Badge
Gold Rock Gemwish Badge
Titanium Ghost Gemwish Badge
Platinum Dragon Gemwish Badge
Platinum Dark Gemwish Badge
Mythril Steel Gemwish Badge
Gold Fairy Gemwish Badge
Space Dinos 2s/1a/0m/92h I am doing Art for USD Please check my about for more info! Collecting Ice Deltas, Eevees, and Lustrous Orbs :o! Sporko is my adoptive electric mom

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Hello! I am Joltz and I am NOT an artist for the site but I am an artist on the site! I do have two art shops, one joint and one not! Don't be afraid to say hello but be warned... I am forgetful and see your message but not respond to it sorry! Art for USD I have currently fallen in love with the pokemon Panpour and Hoopa! I would hoard the designs... if I had money and actual creativity qwq Current Hunt's Bait: The amazing person that made this Bait can be found [Here] My Current hunt is Goomy!
AKA Links Off Site, this means they lead off the site onto another site. Most are art related but be warned that some aren't great for youngins. Those links will be under the tab for it but be careful! Toy House

18+ Links

Be warned!

93/1000 Lustrous Orbs till Palkia Hunt!
25/1000 Hyperspace Rings till Hoopa Hunt!
834/7,900 Steel Gems till Steel Wishalloy!
Break from Snowbee Hunt for BL: 120h/1s/1a/0m
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