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Destiny Knot

Destiny Knot

Account Upgrade

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A fateful ball of string. If held by a parent, then children will inherit more stats than usual.

Sells for 10,000

Lv. 100 — +18,033,105
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Sweet food
Happiness MAX
Jolly nature
6,897 / 8,960
Hatch progress 76%
6,897 / 8,960
Hatch progress 76%
6,886 / 8,960
Hatch progress 76%
6,886 / 8,960
Hatch progress 76%
6,886 / 8,960
Hatch progress 76%
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Type Race:
Gigavolt Havoc (Electric)
Joined: 08/Aug/2020
Starter: Pichu
Rank: B+ Champion
Wishalloy Normal Gemwish Badge
Silver Fire Gemwish Badge
Bronze Water Gemwish Badge
Silver Electric Gemwish Badge
Nintendium Grass Gemwish Badge
Gold Ice Gemwish Badge
Bronze Fighting Gemwish Badge
Bronze Poison Gemwish Badge
Bronze Ground Gemwish Badge
Zinc Flying Gemwish Badge
Bronze Psychic Gemwish Badge
Bronze Bug Gemwish Badge
Silver Rock Gemwish Badge
Gold Ghost Gemwish Badge
Bronze Dragon Gemwish Badge
Zinc Dark Gemwish Badge
Bronze Steel Gemwish Badge
Bronze Fairy Gemwish Badge
Oh, the rush! Melan Eevees [link] So I got rus, wasn't even there

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Current Hunt: Eevee 16432h/214s/?a/21m Note: Very unsure about melans hatched
My name is Insti! Currently hunting eevee for an eternity. Currently trying to get 17 quiet melan eevees (THAT ARE FEMALE) And a person who offers cheap stuff :))
1/17 Quiet Female Melan Eevees Delta-Clicklist
Inactive (Ordered from best friend to not-so-best-friends)
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