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2,646 / 5,120
Hatch progress 51%
2,548 / 5,120
Hatch progress 49%
2,646 / 5,120
Hatch progress 51%
2,638 / 5,120
Hatch progress 51%
2,638 / 5,120
Hatch progress 51%
Lv. 58 — 2,879 / 10,665
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Sour food
Happiness 83%
Lax nature
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Type Race:
Breakneck Blitz (Normal)
Joined: 29/May/2018
Starter: Rockruff
Rank: SSS Champion
Mythril Normal Gemwish Badge
Titanium Fire Gemwish Badge
Gold Water Gemwish Badge
Platinum Electric Gemwish Badge
Titanium Grass Gemwish Badge
Platinum Ice Gemwish Badge
Silver Fighting Gemwish Badge
Silver Poison Gemwish Badge
Gold Ground Gemwish Badge
Gold Flying Gemwish Badge
Platinum Psychic Gemwish Badge
Platinum Bug Gemwish Badge
Silver Rock Gemwish Badge
Gold Ghost Gemwish Badge
Silver Dragon Gemwish Badge
Platinum Dark Gemwish Badge
Gold Steel Gemwish Badge
Platinum Fairy Gemwish Badge
pairs + stuff uft ;w; [link] 🍃 idk h || 1 s || 2 a 🐢 Click my forges? I’ll click back c:

About Giyuu

Formerly "Chocomaro"! (5/1/20) NO *offering* TRADE PMS please ;-; (exception?)
Non-offering trade PMs are alright I guess, like clearing something up and dex times ^^; If we're trading, then most likely either you or I will have a THREAD. Why not offer in the thread instead of PM-ing me? It's LESS WORK and makes it ORGANIZED. The only exceptions will be if it's clearing something up from your thread and pre-arranged dex trading (NOT asking for dexes), like times we'll be on for dex trading If we are PM-ing, please LABEL them. ^^"
Spars and stuff :P (hover)
i need to complete the task so uhh... anyone want to spar? ^^ 700 more to go TT_TT I'll try to do 1:1 (I win one, you win one), I can send challenges for my side ^^ rip 70k cr but I’ll get 300k o.O Send a labelled spar; lmk in the message box for a free win, my win, how many, and/or basically anything else lol (I don't know how to battle so uhh... yea ^^") I'll probably be using a munna (psychic) for free wins (your win) since uhh... im too lazy to find a dumber pokemon x.x
Re: Organizing Fields! (Kinda messy rn, sorry ^^;)
  • Stuff
  • Anime
  • Clicking
  • yeet
  • uh rus :O
Uhh... obviously not my real name? ^^;
|| Female
Honestly idc if you call me she, they, or he I'm too lazy to correct it lel
|| ♉︎
Big baka ;w;

Note to mods
Sometimes I play on my computer and phone at the same time or leave one/both running. I am the only one that uses my account. My timezone *may* change in the fall); my family usually goes to Asia for around a month ^^" wELP CORONA-
|| Note to self
InsaneHysteria: 1 albino koroku for 250 gp/equiv Tska: 1 a searene, 1 a lunupine, and 1 s lunupine for 20 zc/equiv (around june?) Shadow lover: 60 zc for s+a surfchus (5 each) Neoking(?): 4s 4a axew for 360k cr/equiv (I think?) pending: Currently Have: 127,228 (127k) cr 250 gp 510 zc (2,550k cr/gp) 15 boxes
|| PMs (hover)
Please don't PM me about trades unless we have agreed/discussed in a thread or specified. Those will be IGNORED; I have a shop ^^; Feel free to PM if we share similar interests (anime/manga) :D (I kinda have social anxiety, so uhh... responses might be slow... sorry ._.")
|| TR: 4630 135 more shiny dexes until SHINY rank ;^; LF: Shiny Dexes || LF: Albino Dexes I’m very forgetful, so if I don’t respond to a trade/offer/something please PM me ^^; https://pokefarm.com/upload/Giyuu/DC5E1575-C3C8-49F4-ABAF-7BFB0BCEA0CF.png
shop [Pairs//Dexing//Ditto] Server -7/-8 (dst, too lazy to update =w=) journal thing where i scream about anime and stuff since why not Other Stuff: Wattpad
|| MAL
@floppy_chicken ... don't question the name
|| DA
onikukamisama Floppychicken was taken ;-;
|| something
hi lol
Smol brain, big baka :P No anime, no life give me anime recommendations ;w; Stuff I *really* like *cough* ones i've actually watched/read a decent part of *cough* • Naruto/Shippuden • Boku no Hero Academia • Tokyo Ghoul • Kimetsu no Yaiba • Haikyuu!! • JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken • Kuroshitsuji • More stuff darn it mal searches making me memorize another name >.<
Please PM me if you have/know someone who has 2k+ monoberry fields! Preferably sour/spicy, but sweet/bitter are fine ^^; Personal list: Shazi, RedCydranth, krookodilehunter, Suriya Please PM me if you’d like to be removed ^^”
I wont click unseperated fields. im tired of it
I don't care if I give <6 or >6 clicks, I don't care if you give me <6 or >6 clicks. I'm just clicking. I don't care anymore.
content 4 victuuri ;w; i need season 2 QAQ Hi lol
content 5 Rus x6 1: 2018?
uhh idk
2: 5/14/20 8:30-45 server
uhh... 1 in the morning for me 😳- (I had a project to do ok? And then I checked pfq and somehow got the rus lel)
3: 5/16/20 8:00-15 server
also 1 in the morning fml - (another project x.x)
4: 5/17/20 00:00-15 server
5 pm for me - ahaha not 1 in the morning ;w; LITERALLY RIGHT AFTER TR ENDED R U SERIOUS
5: 5/17/20 5:15-30 server
10 pm for me
6: 5/28/20 23:30-45 server
4 pm
i love kaneki
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