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Type Race:
Black Hole Eclipse (Dark)
Joined: 27/Dec/2013
Starter: Charmander
Rank: A+ Champion
Mythril Normal Gemwish Badge
Titanium Fire Gemwish Badge
Titanium Water Gemwish Badge
Mythril Electric Gemwish Badge
Titanium Grass Gemwish Badge
Gold Ice Gemwish Badge
Titanium Fighting Gemwish Badge
Gold Poison Gemwish Badge
Mythril Ground Gemwish Badge
Titanium Flying Gemwish Badge
Titanium Psychic Gemwish Badge
Mythril Bug Gemwish Badge
Gold Rock Gemwish Badge
Gold Ghost Gemwish Badge
Mythril Dragon Gemwish Badge
Titanium Dark Gemwish Badge
Platinum Steel Gemwish Badge
Mythril Fairy Gemwish Badge
Trades —-> [link] Art updates/ Adopt previews —-> [link] Adding hunt section to shop soon Sorting and stacking the test if my fields this weekend

About Gest

By le cutie, Svetty
Asleep 10am-6pm EST If I’m on, tell me to go back to bed Journal

Hunt Information

Current: --- 26S/1848H Boosts: --- Saved Hunts: x 71 x 344 x 3684 x 138 x 97

About Gest frfr

-4 to server time Nocturnal Favorite Pokémon: Too many 2 count Favorite Game: Black Age: ~ 270 moons Gender: :3c does it matter? Insta: gestdraws // gestwholesome Other: barely even a bean tbh. Severe memory issues. PM’s? Sure Slides? On Thigh highs? Equipped Vibes: Out

Goals for Hunts

/Sprites belong to PFQ


LunarHana x
NOT spicy pref
MizzzTickle x and/or IzzyFizzyBoo - x1-2 - xtype
Dragon or Fairy
Saa - x1
- xtype
fairy, ice, or poison
Myself - x18 - xtype
One of each type
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