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5,120 / 5,120
Hatch progress 100%
5,120 / 5,120
Hatch progress 100%
5,120 / 5,120
Hatch progress 100%
5,120 / 5,120
Hatch progress 100%
5,120 / 5,120
Hatch progress 100%
5,120 / 5,120
Hatch progress 100%
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Type Race:
All-Out Pummeling (Fighting)
Joined: 22/May/2021
Starter: Chespin
Rank: A+ Arceus
Mythril Normal Gemwish Badge
Platinum Fire Gemwish Badge
Platinum Water Gemwish Badge
Platinum Electric Gemwish Badge
Platinum Grass Gemwish Badge
Platinum Ice Gemwish Badge
Platinum Fighting Gemwish Badge
Platinum Poison Gemwish Badge
Platinum Ground Gemwish Badge
Platinum Flying Gemwish Badge
Platinum Psychic Gemwish Badge
Titanium Bug Gemwish Badge
Mythril Rock Gemwish Badge
Platinum Ghost Gemwish Badge
Platinum Dragon Gemwish Badge
Titanium Dark Gemwish Badge
Titanium Steel Gemwish Badge
Platinum Fairy Gemwish Badge
HIGH QUALITY ART SHOP ✏️ [link] 💰My Pop Up Shop💰 [link] ✦ Extra Special Auctions ✦ [link] and [link] In CeNtAuR wOoOoOoOoOoOrLd AaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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HI! :D This is me: FrIeNdS: Current Hunt: 0 Melans/4 Shiny/261 Eggs Hunts: What I need to save up for: Rika Raiya
20/250 White Stone
Buying ⬆️ for 70zc each! My Own Melan Bait (Based on Official Art):
aRe YoU hYpEd FoR tHe FiRe EmBlEm? No? …Aw :(
Featured Melons: - By Goat-nerd
Vivillon: Savanna Maravol: Skelotorus Favourite Pokémon Types: , , and Favourite Pokemon: Gengar, Aggron, Toxtricity, Garchomp, Rotom (Mow), Darmanitan, Chesnaught, Samurott, Opposham, Sibex, Scaracross, Bezermuut, Baflammet, Sikannos, Mocknock and Kitsubuki. Favourite Pokemon Trainers: Steven, Roark, Alain, Gladion, Will, Silver, PrInCe RyAn (Brick Bronze), Allister. Hated Pokemon: Charizard, Smoochum, Jynx, Gorebyss, Pikachu, Watchog, Purugly.
Aggron Babie: - From the Games - Dancing Lawn Mowers :))) - Birthday Gengar (HeartlessDemon)
ALWAYS LOOKING FOR ART OF THIS GUY: - By grimmsnarl - By Plumy - By HsuJøe
6 Melans/9,455 Eggs 0 Melans/1,108 eggs GiVe Me My MoDeSt MaLe MeLaN aRoN- Christmas Calendar Art:
Market Price: 5,000=5=1 Summons: 0x Shaderoot Carrot - 450gp 0x Tidal Bell- 350gp Mega Stones: 1x Froslassite Q - 100gp 1x Druddigonite Q - 100gp 1x Mewtwonite X - 250gp Fossils: 1x Fossilised Drake - 50gp 2x Fossilised Dino - 50gp Forme-Change Items: 6x Rain Jewel - 50gp 4x Snow Jewel - 10gp 1x Sun Jewel - 20gp 4x Leftovers - 15gp 3x King’s Shield - 3gp 1x Glimmering Scale - 10gp 3x Blue Orb - 50gp
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