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BunnoBlizzard's Profile

1,310 / 5,120
Hatch progress 25%
1,247 / 10,240
Hatch progress 12%
1,715 / 5,120
Hatch progress 33%
1,245 / 7,680
Hatch progress 16%
1,241 / 7,680
Hatch progress 16%
1,319 / 5,120
Hatch progress 25%
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Type Race:
Tectonic Rage (Ground)
Joined: 26/Apr/2020
Starter: Fennekin
Rank: A+ Champion
Zinc Normal Gemwish Badge
Bronze Fire Gemwish Badge
Nickel Water Gemwish Badge
Nickel Electric Gemwish Badge
Bronze Grass Gemwish Badge
Nickel Ice Gemwish Badge
Nickel Fighting Gemwish Badge
Nickel Poison Gemwish Badge
Nickel Ground Gemwish Badge
Nickel Flying Gemwish Badge
Nickel Psychic Gemwish Badge
Nickel Bug Gemwish Badge
Nickel Rock Gemwish Badge
Nickel Ghost Gemwish Badge
Nickel Dragon Gemwish Badge
Nickel Dark Gemwish Badge
Nickel Steel Gemwish Badge
Nickel Fairy Gemwish Badge
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Hi there! Call me Bunno/Blizzard/Bella Pronouns: She/her Favorite 'Mon: Noivern & Charizard Birthday: August 24th PMs are open for any reason!
Current Hunt?: Blitzles Specials so far?: 0D/5S/1A/0M Blitzles hatched: 654 Started when?: December 18th, 2021 Past Hunts?: Litten, Chikorita, Future Hunts?: Popplio, Shinx, Dratini, Sentret, Charmander, Totodile, Sandile, Deerling, Skitty, Vullaby, Litleo, Rockruff, Squirtle, Goomy, Snivy, Flabebe, Purrloin.
You can find me on Chicken Smoothie and Wolfplay with the same user!
Pokemon, animals, roleplaying (PM me!)!
Wip, will be added
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