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Type Race:
Continental Crush (Rock)
Joined: 25/Jan/2017
Starter: Pichu
Rank: C+ Champion
Silver Normal Gemwish Badge
Silver Fire Gemwish Badge
Silver Water Gemwish Badge
Silver Electric Gemwish Badge
Bronze Grass Gemwish Badge
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Looking to a Necrozma (any gender). Pm me if you're selling.

About Bug-VirtualLands

16 years
Fox Crow Hybrid
Analysis :
Always open to chat (pm any time!)
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I am an avid Video game player. I've played many Mario games, Sonic games, Pokemon games, Undertale, Smash Bros, Legend of Zelda, Ace Attorney, Mortal Kombat and a few others. I also like Fran Bow, Little Misfortune, Deltarune, Five Nights at Freddy's, Chair in a Room: Green Water, Layers of Fear, Goat Simulator, Cuphead, Bendy an the Ink Machine, Doki Doki Literature Club and a few others, even though I haven't played them. I also read a lot. Mostly Wings of Fire, Outsiders, Forgive me Leonard Peacock, Still Waters, Sonic Comics (Archie and IDW) Bleach and Death Note. Been listening to a lot of music lately. The bands I like most are My Chemical Romance, Slipknot, Korn, Metallica and Disturbed. I spend most of my time drawing and writing (been writing a lot recently, too many story ideas). I've also made many OCs, mostly of Sonic and Undertale AUs, it's going to be the end of me, I swear.
I have some pokemon in the UFT field. There are no set prices, so PM me if you have an offer. There are currently x2and x5 There are also some free pokés in the UFT field (their names are "free"). (also, if a field doesn't say UFT in it, nothing in that field is for sale. But if you are looking for a 1:1 trade (for example, shine eevee for a shiny eevee) for whatever reason, I'll be willing to do something like that)
Current Hunt: Litwick 6s/9a/0m Future Hunts: Yveltal, Kryptik, Cosmog, Salandit, Shuppet, Mimikyu, Rockruff, Espurr, Rowlet, Absol Past Hunts: Pichu 0s/1a/0 Eevee 1s/1a/0m
I've started a little program to help pokemon explore this site. In the field labeled "Pokemon Opportunities" there are some pokemon that you can adopt and send to your friends or put in wonder trade so the pokemon can explore the places on this site and make new friends. If you want to take part in this, PM me about which pokemon you want to take, it is free to do so. Just remember to read the pokemon's description and to actually send the pokemon to other people. Also am accepting any extra pokemon you don't want so I can put them in this little program. You can PM me about that, or just send a labeled trade. Thank you!
Please Click these Cool Dudes • My Sister, Shadow275 EveeyScarletRainNarfykingGirlgamer
Spare these Lovies a Berry?
Pls Click these Smols Here's my Dragon Cave Page if you want to visit.
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