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Special Evolution Item

(: 0)

A peculiar stone that prevents a Pokémon from evolving when Held.

Sells for 250

Lv. 100 — +2,344
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Sour food
Happiness 27%
Lax nature
3,840 / 3,840
Hatch progress 100%
5,120 / 5,120
Hatch progress 100%
6,400 / 6,400
Hatch progress 100%
10,240 / 10,240
Hatch progress 100%
10,240 / 10,240
Hatch progress 100%
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Type Race:
Devastating Drake (Dragon)
Joined: 13/Sep/2016
Starter: Skitty
Rank: B+ Master
Mythril Normal Gemwish Badge
Platinum Psychic Gemwish Badge
Gold Dark Gemwish Badge
PAUSED Melan Eevee (Espeon) Hunt <>S:22 A: 13 M: 0 H: 1370<> hoarding espeon and minior! LF espeonites! MEMORY STICK USED, HERE I GOOOOOOOOOO

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old sprite shop was taken down, anyone who already ordered sprites can find them at my deviantart. i dont plan on reopening just a sprite shop, but a full art shop at some point! so look out for that
ok so me n cody's shop was yeeted after we took a sudden haiatus, sorry about that lol. as far as ik we dont plan on reopening it but well see!
Vivillon Pattern: Ocean | Favorite Pattern: Monsoon
Maravol Pattern: ??? | Favorite Pattern: ME SOBBING INCOHERENTLY AT ALL OF THEM TBH
sassy, narcissistic, gay pirate espeon/honchkrow fusion, part of the espeon hivemind (edited by me)
sad, lonely, also very gay espeon/minior fusion, part of the espeon hivemind (edited by me; minior sprite perms in journal)
1) 12/25/19 14:30

hi welcome to chilis

anon | ???sex/rom, pangender | any pronouns | i live off of cup ramen, memes, and being enthusiastically gay all the time | my WIFE ~~~ i try to click back @ least parties bc i have add and unless im suddenly super hyperfocused ill prob not be able to focus on clicking ur entire fields im sorry in adv lol >random pms: yes bls just be kind i am a frail baby >random trades: unless u send a pm w/ it ill prob ignore it/decline it tbh i stan a lot of characters from various stuff and my favorite pokemon is espeon lol ----

things im currently hyperfocused on

•pokemon (ofc) •fire emblem •danganronpa
mainly v3 but im happy to talk about any of the games
dragaylia lost
thaniel is gay: the game- wait what do u mean thats not what dl actually is???
~<>~<>~<>~<>~ twitter | art twitter

pkmn stuff i guess

possible future hunts

my luck is so bad i crave constant death while hunting ~~~ Now •melan espeon •extra melan eeveee for my wife if it happens lmao Planned •Zorua (Paused) -Albino for Egg •Litwick •Shinxel •Rockruff •Starly •Cyndaquil •Koroku •Maractus •Dialga cries gently •MARAVOL SOBS

hunt log

-*melan zorua
<>S: 10 A: 2 M: 0 H: 1115<>

dex prices

•regular shinies for 5 gp each •mega shinies for 10 gp •shiny evolution lines w/o mega 15 gp •shiny evolution lines w/ mega 20 gp •regular albinos for 10 gp •mega albinos for 20 gp


what u see is the highest evo ill take, anything pre is also free real estate ~~~ Currently
Any Miniors
one day,, |
any maravol
dialga lmao
|frosmoth when it gets r e l e a s e d|

big gay shrug emoji


??? idk lol


owo whats this

Header: Made by Danmemester, used with permission that is in my journal all art i use is either by me, or the permission to use is here on this post on my journal ~~~~ note to self: i owe Luxiio 215 zc bc he gave me a ton to help with my hunt thank u son
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