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timmc94: "I'm not sure why, but I like it"★★★★☆

Posted: 14/Jan/2017 13:13:33 (2 years ago)

When a good friend of mine first told me about the site, I was excited to try it... but when I discovered what it actually was, I was disappointed. After playing for a bit though, I've found I do really enjoy it; I just must admit, I have no clue why I do as the idea of just clicking on Pokémon to level them up and collect them for nothing other than viewing and bragging rights does not sound appealing at all to me. Despite all that, I do really like Pokéfarm... but don't ask me why, because I honestly couldn't tell you. As far as the site and its staff are concerned, Pokéfarm is an excellent example of how to run a site that has its own community like this; the staff seem very responsive and genuinely interested in the site as a product, and it shows. I wasn't a part of the old site, but watching the Recode really showed me how much work has been put into the site and how much dedication is behind it. Obviously there's room for improvement, as with everything, and I get that it's definitely not for every Pokémon fan out there... but I really do like it, and I'm grateful to the staff for creating and maintaining this fun place to click/tap around on for a bit each day. -- Rating adjusted by user's request -- After some thought and being contacted by Niet, I've decided my rating didn't match up with my review. Being contacted by the creator of the site showed me once more that the staff at Pokéfarm really care about what they've made and the community that has formed here, which in my opinion is an extremely positive thing for any product or service. I think my draw to this site is mainly for the sense of community and the care the admins put into it (as well as the obvious, being that it's Pokémon themed) as well as how strangely fun and addicting it is to have an extremely relaxed and casual experience to calm down with after a frustrating and/or busy day. I look forward to seeing how this site continues to grow in the future!

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