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casket: "it’s great, especially if you’re new to pokemon"★★★★★

Posted: 10/May/2018 08:49:21 (2 years ago)

first off: i enjoy this so much because it’s repetitive and easy to remember once you learn it. so just a heads up for those who perhaps find no reward in repeating stuff, it may not be for you. moving on though!! this is the first thing i’ve ever done or been a part of thats related to pokemon (shocker, i know, have i lived under a rock my whole life?) up until now— yes! but this site requires basically no knowledge of pokemon before signing up, which is why i’d reccomend it to any of you out there who have drawbacks of signing up because you’re never played pokemon before. the tutorial is really good!! it teaches you the basics, and then it kinda lets you wander and discover for yourself (which is also something i myself like to do) though if you ARE lost, theres the wiki (which has admittedly saved my life!) it has lots of info thats easy to find. and if the wiki leaves unanswered questions? thats what the community is for! it can be really intimidating at times, especially if you don’t know anyone at all on the site, but if that’s what’s keeping you from joining? feel free to shoot me a message once you’re in! i’d be happy to welcome you to pokefarm!

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