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Vajra: "Quite good, quite good (but still needs a bit more improvement)!"★★★★☆

Posted: 30/Jan/2017 04:13:31 (2 years ago)

I joined PF1 a long time ago after seeing the old Tiger Glameow sprites and wondered what it was like, so I joined. PF1, however, I could tell was going through some rough times, and I'm glad PFQ is more than just "PF1 Part 2", because if it were, I'd have some problems with it. I'll explain. First, the things I like. +Albinos and melanistic Pokemon are a great idea, and set the site apart from GPX+ and PokeHeroes (the main two competitors). +Shiny Hunting makes sense. On GPX+ you can break your hunt, since there is no chaining there; that makes no sense. On PH, you can only hunt regular Shiny Pokemon for "free" (Gotta have the premium account type first!) and even then, event Pokemon passes are exorbitantly expensive! Here, you can chain with a PokeRadar Plus, and that's great! +Pokerus is a wonderful boost and isn't convoluted or poorly-thought out. Not much to say here, I never got it on GPX+ but I know what it does isn't spectacular. +Alolan Pokemon ON-TIME. GPX+ and PH REALLY struggled with this, moreso the former than the latter. GPX didn't have their Kalosian Pokemon for a few years, and when they did come out, the sprites were just pixel art over the official Sugi art. PH had a few at first but not all of them. I like how the release of new Gens is handled here. It makes sense. +The staff has improved since PF1! No, they're obviously not perfect (no one is!) but they are much better than they were on PF1 However, this leads into my things I dislike about PFQ... -The staff still aren't quite professional enough (or nice/kind/patient/whatever word others have said). There's still a few I do not trust at all, and I do mean "at all". I won't name anyone specific (Niet and Garthic might remember me mentioning the two I had in mind), but I was banned from the Chat for talking about how my week went on PF1. That was ages ago, but I still feel upset about it, simply because the two who banned me were adamant that I was in the wrong, when I had done nothing wrong. I wanted to reconcile with them, but I just couldn't make myself. I do have a hard time letting things go, so that might have something to do with it. Also, the amount of snark I see the staff use in forum posts and clique-like feeling I get from the staff is...unreal. The snark is fine, really, but using staff memes like "BWARF" does get rather old fast... -On a sub-note about the staff, why do I happen to have a problem with so many specific members. Some have so many melanistics that I've had people I know on Skype tell me they're cheating (said person does not have an account, but is vehemently anti-PokeFarm, so he's full of fluff and I didn't pay him much attention in the group). A few of them had rude messages in their About Me and Trainer Card portions of their profile. One of the new mods-in-training is a former mod on a different site I am now an admin on, and I'm rooting for them since I know they're do great, but another MiT makes me *very* uncomfortable. Small little gripes about the staff really make me feel like "if I'm not of them, I'm inferior". I have currently no interest in doing mod applications when they're made available next (might change after a while, who knows?), but a small part of me wants to like the staff for who they are. tl;dr about the staff: I am quite intimidated by a few of them, and not always for the reasons other reviews have said like "they're mean to me" or "they banned me without any proof". -Melanistic Pokemon are nice, but they're stupidly hard to get. I have four albinos and about thirty shinies (some from PF1). I have zero melans, despite my best attempts to get the first Melanistic Bounsweet (and I failed to do that). At the rate I click and gain interaction points, I will be extremely lucky to get a melanistic Pokemon by the end of 2018! I know they're meant to be the rarest of the rare, but when one user on my VIP list has at least forty of them...it doesn't make my outlook on the subject great, in my eyes. Despite the fact that I have issues with some staff (and some of said issues were on PF1), among other things, I still have a special place for this site in my heart. It really is the best of the Pokemon clickables sites, I feel, and it can only get even better from here!

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