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Tigris0124: "Amazing site <3"★★★★★

Posted: 08/Jan/2017 02:03:29 (7 years ago)

Okay so there is this one thing I want to put out there but before I get to that, I want to start off by saying how awesome this site is and how far it's come since PF1! I first started playing there before PFQ was a thing. :) Good job Niet and Crew! Keep up the good work on making this site even more amazing ^^' Now, the only thing I hate about this site is how boring and repetitive it can get. I would have made this a 4/5 review if it hadn't been for you guys implementing the whole daily task and tournament things. It made it fun for me again where I could actually get on daily and do things. It is getting a little repetitive again though, but I know you guys are working towards implementing mini-games which I can NOT wait for :) Side Note: This is just me being a whiny brat so you can ignore this and go onto the next review. But it sucks because I work every Saturday and I get off at 7pm which is reset for us right now, so I don't even really get to reap the benefits of the bonus that I sometimes work so hard to help get up. ;-; It just sucks, ya know? I do love the GP bonus that you guys give out so it evens out I guess ;) Haha!

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