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Thunderjaw: "Love it, but can improve"★★★☆☆

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 19:40:19 (7 years ago)

I'm, as they call, a PF1 Veteran. I've been on PokeFarm for years, untill moving on onto this one, due PF1 closing. Ofcourse, I love Pokefarm, else I wouldn't come back after a 2 year hiatus. But when I came back, I've encountered some things, some different stuff which is probably explained for a while and some are logic, but I still would like to adress them. I have some good points, some bad ones. Lets start with bad: BAD POINTS: - The Shelter adoptions. As I'm a real hunter, I like to hunt for shiny's by adopting eggs from the Shelter. Buying a Star Pass for 1000 ZC is just garbage, especially when you rarely get it. Now, I'm someone who can buy ZC, and I will need to buy some just to get this pass, but for someone who has nothing or doesn't like to buy/trade, they're basically screwed on normal x2/x3 days. For example: today [7-1-2017] is x3 day. I've ran out of Shelter adoptions in 3 hours of being online and now struggling with just finding eggs in my daycare or in the lab. Supplier is on the way, but without enough credits this is also not an option. Which sucks ^^' - Buying Fields. Now, as I came back from a 2 year Hiatus, I've had especially a big problem with this... I had no idea where to buy new fields untill a good week into PFQ, when I found it by complete accident. Maybe its a good idea to adress where to actually buy fields in maybe the wiki or something? For now, this is all I really could come up with. Sure some sprites like the Seasonal Turtwigs are bothering me but it's not a big thing. Don't get this as a rant, I [b]love[/b] PFQ but when you come back from 2 year being gone, and the site changed completely to where it started [I still got a screenshot from 2 years ago, or longer even] it's hard to come by and get used to everything. But here's some good ones for you guys! GOOD POINTS - Albino's, Shiny's, Melans. There's diversity in the Market of PFQ. This can be yet a negative yet a positive point. It's getting used to and a lot of people will get scammed. But the colours of Melans, the shiny's returning and Albino's being here is amazing. I'd love to hatch a Melan sometimes. I guess I should wait for Arceus Rank to really Melan hunt, considering it can go faster due a boost? Who knows! - Good staff support I don't talk to the staff much, but when having a question or anything, I'm being helped with the goodness of their hearts and I love that about PFQ. A great staff! - Daycare clicking I hated on PF1 that, when a pokemon is in the daycare, you can't interact with them. I love this about PFQ. It's great to interact with pokemon while having them breed eggs for you. - The mature section PF1 was always kind of the... kids site. I've never had much problems with swearing but as you get older, you swear more, depending on where you come from and what you hear ofcourse. Now as a die-hard gamer, I swear a LOT [it amazes me I didn't do it in this post yet tbh]. Having the mature section and mainly mature journals is a gods blessing of PFQ! ~ This was it for now. I wish I helped out a little. Again, don't get me wrong, a lot can improve in my head and ofcourse this isn't an option always. But a lot is amazing as it is and I love to be on here for many... many many years <3

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hypermode-12.pngNiet [Adam] replied: 07/Jan/2017 21:57:19 (7 years ago)

Thank you for your review. I wanted to take a moment to clarify on the negative points you brought up. The top-level Shelter Pass is considered both a luxury item and an investment. With its boosted power, you can (hopefully!) find more Eggs to hatch into Shinies and more, which you can in turn sell and get other valuable items. We did significantly lower the Star pass's price (it was 2,500ZC before!!) and we may review the price again in future, but for now it seems like a fair price for a luxury boosting item. Regarding the Fields, we have received feedback about how it's not obvious that the "Buy field" option is tucked away in the field's menu. I can see how it would be confusing, but at the time it was the only sensible place to put it. I will personally look into this again and see if we could maybe implement it a different, more readily apparent way. On the positive side, it's great to hear you enjoy our site so much, and we hope to see you around for many months to come!
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