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Sneaky Shadow: "I'm still here - years later..."★★★★☆

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 23:39:58 (7 years ago)

What I like best about this site: It's addicting, which is why I always linger around this site, and I like the events! What I am feeling so-so about on this site: Monotonous clicking. Clicking. Clicking. I don't even care that the dailies pop up, I try to ignore that as quickly as possible. Especially did not like the 'click 20,000 times' from the last event - just clicking 10,000 times made my wrist hurt, which wasn't very helpful when I had to show up for work the next day and try doing an 8-hour job in 4 hours, so I am never going to try clicking that amount again. I love my clicking ability, but my job is top priority, as much as I don't want to admit. x-x Comparing to the old PokeFarm: The users' profile pages colors (just to put this out there,) are rather hard for me to see. Light colors blend for me, so when the profile pages were first changed, I was clicking on everything but the feeding button. I'm not clicking everywhere as badly as I started out, but it's not really my best clicking, and I'd really hoped that before the other color scheme was tossed out for this new color scheme, color choice options would have been listed first. The old color scheme, although not 'appealing' enough, was fully visible to me. I hope it does become an option for people to be able to change their profile colors so they can view profile pages differently. (On the old PokeFarm: Mine was a black background with green highlights, as some of the other styles made it harder for me to read, and some of them blended in for me.) I'm not a fan of the Tournaments, so I hardly choose to participate in them; I have to buy daycare passes to keep hatching eggs, luckily my shelter adoption level is higher but not the highest yet, and buying Tokens - I don't even consider buying them until they are put 'on sale' before the next set of Tokens are released. 12 Tokens at 200GP each = 2,400GP, for one eggdex entry. That's 9,600GP for all four eggdex entries. I'm always trying to save up Credits and GoldPoke to buy things, but I'm always feeling broke on this site, and that the only way to escape it is to use real cash. On the old Pokefarm, I had Credits enough to buy multiple Ditto, and loads of fields and easily get Event / Fakemon for myself, so I feel... nothing I do gets me anywhere, currency-wise. Also, the forums are a bit confusing compared to the old Pokefarm. When I go to search for topics, most of the time I end up in the wrong sections - I go to the help section and not find what I am looking for, and go digging around in another forum and find something almost similar but not quite, and then get directed by a link / a mention to someone else's thread, but it was deleted because it was answered / went beyond the time limit for keeping up a thread. It would be helpful if there was some kind of collection of all information presented, like a clickable reference section that details things, or at least a search bar that had key words to help find things in particular. So I mostly don't go around in the forums unless I'm desperately buying Tokens and Pokemon. Otherwise: I really can't thank the staff enough for so many things! You've given me events to participate in, you're still working on making this site more enjoyable, you're taking care of peoples' needs and helping people, and doing great things like making artwork, sprites, Fakemon - all kinds of things! I've been through soooo many websites over the years... Evony, horse-whatevers, dragon-stuff, more dragon-stuff, pet-games, monster games, other Pokemon game sites, and loads more - but I still come here (pretty much 99% of the time) daily, which is probably the hardest thing to do considering that I've dropped almost every single site because I lost interest within the first half of a year. Thank you staff! <3

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