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RentheLilli: "Welcoming to everyone!"★★★★★

Posted: 08/Sep/2018 14:44:37 (4 years ago)

PokeFarm is a great game that should be more popular than anything else in my opinion. Most of the people here are nice, the staff are likable(I don't get why they get the hate.), and most of all, you aren't limited to Pokémon when in the forms! You can talk about mostly anything, like any show, any film, musical, game, fanbase, basically anything! And, you can also roleplay, which is great for us roleplayers! You can talk to people all over the world who like the things you like! Now, for a list of pros and cons: Pros- Everything I have mentioned to this point, cool Fakemon, the inclution od Megas and Totem Pokémon, new forms of Pokémon(Albino and Melans, along with the variants!), and of course, the events are a challenge, but make the reward usually worth it! Cons- Shinies are sometimes hard to come across(But, the same can be said about the real Pokémon games, so...), Albinos are harder than Shinies to find(But, it's a nice reward), Melans are super hard to come across(But, the best trophy for your hunt!), I feel as if the Albino radar could be bumped down to 500,000 interaction points(But then again, the Albino Radar is your reward for making so many interactions, I get that. It's my opinion.), the Market can be a little more controlled in prices(I'm sorry for bringing this up.), and, of course, the connection... my wifi sometimes goes off without me knowing, and PokeFarm needs wifi, so, it's hard to play without wifi. But, over all, this game deserves more players, because of how dang good it is! ~Your friend, Serena. (P.S= Stay Fresh!)

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