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Rattata: "You can tell a lot of love has been put into this game."★★★★★

Posted: 19/Aug/2017 07:21:51 (3 years ago)

I have been playing Pokefarm since PF1, and I truly love it. I love all the updates that Niet and team have been making, and I think they're brilliant staff. If you like clicking games, and collecting things, this is truly a wonderful game, and you should definitely give it a try. You can tell a lot of love has been put into this game, in the art, the events, the items--Everything. What else is great is that it's not just about hatching eggs, there's so much more to this game. You can battle, train, trade, fish, garden, and that's just some of the things to list off. There's even more in the forums; contests, guilds, roleplay. You can make a journal and keep record of anything you wish, or just let things out (As long as it's child friendly.) I see a ton of people giving low ratings for things like "Staff Rudeness" and other things such as, people who buy ZC and Hypermode get better chances, or people selling certain pokemon for too much. Let's start with the so called "Staff rudeness." I personally have PM'd staff, including Niet, for questions that were probably so dumb, but they have always been nice in their responses, and always very helpful. Now, I'm not saying I haven't thought staff was rude as time, because I have misinterpreted things Niet himself has said to me in PM's. Bottom line, what you may think is rude, might just be how you perceive the message. Next off, ZC and Hypermode bonuses. YES, of course people who buy ZC will get better bonuses, they're spending REAL money to do so, now you can aquire ZC easily if you so wish, without buying--by selling Shinies/Albinos/Melans, or even selling summon items, I mean, the possibilities are endless. Which brings me to our next topic; seller's prices. This is where you should learn supply and demand. Pokefarm has a economy after all, everyone can se their own prices, it's just YOU who needs to choose what you think is fair, whether buying or selling. If you don't like someones prices, find another seller. Thank you to Niet & staff for making this game fun, and friendly. It's hard to find anything online with a great community, and this one is fantastic. I'm 21 years old, and I've been playing Pokemon for a long time, and this game just makes me so excited and giddy, as if I was a child, hatching my first shiny, or catching my first legendary. Anyway--I don't know what else to put, I'm not that great with words. Just give this game a try, you won't regret it. ^_^

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