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Project Furry: "Wonderful idea"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Dec/2017 20:10:27 (5 years ago)

Sorry if this gets a bit long, but I have a lot of praise for this little place. I may be a relatively new user, but that doesn't seem to matter. No one discriminates for rank, or skill. Not very much taunting, etc. Overall, the game has a wonderful community, and I love that fact. Even though disputes pop up, the mods are on it like white-on-rice most of the time! It's addicting in a good way, to the point that leaving seems impossible. I my personal opinion, it will be a very long time before this site dies. The events are fun - and get the community going and eager for more. And last but not least - it's amazingly fun for a simple click-and-collect game that started out as a college project. If I could, I'd rate this site a 7/5 - Spectacular.

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