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Peachberry12: "Best Online Pokemon Game I've Found. Ever."★★★★★

Posted: 26/Feb/2018 21:40:40 (1 year ago)

Dear PokéFarm Staff~ OH MY GOD WHERE DO I BEGIN?! Sure, I’ve found a lot of Pokémon fan games, online games, and such, but this is the first online Pokémon game that’s let me have and hatch eggs, and you don’t actually need to have the Pokémon in them fight! The staff is pleasant, everyone is pleasant, and it’s very child friendly, and I’ve actually found myself playing this when I should be doing my homework. Guilty pleasure. But, anyways, in the time Ives beenhere, I haven’t seen any cursing, not to much violence (except in Roleplays, but, hey, what are you gonna do...) and the custom Pokémon and gen 6 and 7 pokemon have EPIC Sprites! I don’t have anything bad to say, except that maybe you should have a better summon chance when you have said summon unlocked. That’s all. Other than that, this game is more then a game, and the people are more then people. You can socialize, and if that’s not your thing, you can just stick to yourself and your eggs. Keep up the great work! ~Peachberry12

👍 7👎 2

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