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Mùff Pizza: "Happy farming..?"★★★★☆

Posted: 08/Jan/2017 02:14:44 (7 years ago)

Pokefarm is the only online game(website) I've played and been playing for a year. I remembered when I first joined Pokefarm, I was actually shocked to know that we have to click to play. My first thought was, ''Is this crazy, my mouse will explode''. I didn't interact much until the holidays came. I was really bored so I think I went ahead and click a bit more. Maybe that's what made me a Farmer. I can't remember the exact details, it's more than a year ;-;. I am happy and thankful to be part of the Pokefarm community and will continue to support Pokefarm. Pokefarm user-base is one of the friendliest and caring community I've encountered so far, especially when we do not know each other in real life but most of the user actually show care and concern for one another. I've seen a few users going the extra mile to help those who needs the help and I really appreciate and respect them. :) Why didn't I give 5 stars? I'm looking forward to future plans for Pfq so I couldn't give 5 stars, you know, there's always room for improvement ;)

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