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Moon-Moon: "Lot's of Good, But Room For Improvement"★★★★☆

Posted: 01/Jun/2018 16:09:43 (4 years ago)

Over the last few months, I have been practically addicted to this game. It became an unhealthy coping mechanism to all my own issues, and to be honest, I loved ever minute of it. So I hope that with that knowledge, my criticisms are taken with a grain of salt, at least. Because I like to end things off on a good note, I'll start with "the bad". And by bad, I just mean grievances that I or other members of the community may have. First of all, I've seen mention of "paywalls" and "pay-to-win", and I know they've been addressed, but I still feel they are worth mentioning. Yes, members are encouraged to interact with others to get things they need, but I'm not certain if the staff is aware of just how coveted ZC is. People are like vultures over it, and are often unwilling to trade it because it costs money, and many members are either unable to purchase it or unwilling to do so. This wouldn't be as much of an issue if it weren't for the fact that many other extremely desired things require either ZC to purchase (such as hypermode, shiny/uber charms) or require the purchase of things with ZC to obtain (hypermode, shiny/uber charms to hunt for melans), or require lots of time and patience. Those wishing to be hunters CAN be casual players, but they could be working on the same hunt for months and months before they get even remotely close to hatching a melan, depending on the egg steps of the Pokemon they are hunting. I actually calculated the how much I would need to spend to return as an efficient and somewhat profitable Eevee breeder, and it ended up amounting to almost $100 (this includes hypermode for 6 months, 5 shiny charms, 1 shiny charm box, 12 uber charms and a Shelter pass star); in order to gain back my losses, I would need to sell hundreds of shinies/albinos (between 300-500 to be exact). Of course, I wouldn't need to buy all of those, but if that were the case, I could instead spend 2-3 months hatching 300-400 eggs and only get about a handful of shinies and MAYBE a couple of albinos, if I'm lucky (and trust me, I am not). Now you might mention "well you can always trade for those items, that's the point of trade forums and the marketplace after all." And you're right, I can. But here are the prices of those items on the marketplace (I'm using that as a reference, since most people on the trade forums base their prices around the most recent sales or most recent listings): -Hypermode: a 180day HM isn't even on the market place right now, but I recently sold one for the USD equivalent of 10,000,000 credits -Shiny charm (1): The lowest they are going for is 800,000 credits, but most are selling for around 950,000. -Shiny Charm Box: For the most part, between 12,400,000 and 13,500,000 credits, and it looks like if you're lucky you can snipe one for 1 credit if stealing from someone who's made arrangements on the trade forums is your thing. Maybe you can find one as low as 10M credits. -Uber Charm: Between 1,350,000 and 1,380,000 credits each -Shelter Pass Star: Mostly 6,000,000 credits, some are going for a little less, some a little more. This all adds up to a whopping total of 28,150,000 credits. That comes to an obscene amount of clicking and saying goodbye to ever gem, summon, megastone, and box you are fortunate enough to obtain, or have worked hard enough for, for at least a few months. Even lower the prices of these things by 5% would make them all that more obtainable. Speaking of difficult to obtain items that are necessary to get desired items, let's talk about gems. Ordinarily we get 1 gem per egg, except for the first hatched egg of the day and the seemingly increasingly rare occasions when we have a Rayvne day. And yes, we can buy or trade gems, lots of people do it. But considering that to get to wishalloy (which you need to get flawless gems, which are needed to make memories for Silvally) you need 4,300 gems (and that's just after you've gone through 7,200 gems to get to that point), again, a bit more of a boost would help immensely helpful. Even boosting the chance of having a Rayvne day more often, or an item that costs like 20zc or something that lets you mock having a Rayvne day would help. By the way, in case it wasn't clear, I'm not AGAINST the paying; I understand this is a business and you all work very hard on this and deserve to get something out of it as well. All I'm saying is make the paid portions more affordable for the commonfolk. And here we go on the delta points. They are a great idea. GREAT idea. More on that part later. The problem is they cost so many points, and the only way to get points is 1 point per IP address a day, or to sacrifice you beloved shinies/albinos/melans. And people are ruthless about this. I understand the point of 1 point per IP address is to draw in more users, but one experience of clicking 6 eggs or Pokemon is not going to sway someone into joining. It actually behooves you to allow multiple points per IP address, and limiting it to 1 point per user. That way, more interaction = greater chance of joining, and users have a small added bump to getting more points. Everyone's happy. A small mention here about the lack of a blocking feature: blocking would be helpful for harassing users that don't seem to understand when someone say "I'm not giving you anything for free." I've had a couple of those, and their persistence is not only annoying but stressful, and is part of the reason I am taking a long hiatus away from here. It isn't the admin's responsibility to take care of every person who won't take "no" for an answer, and having to threaten to report someone doesn't feel great either. A simple blocking feature would eliminate this responsibility from the admins and they would really only need to get involved when someone steals something and blocks the user they stole from. I also miss premium boxes as prizes at the end of events. I get that the custom sprites are commemorative, and I love them. But now the only way to get a Premium box is to spend $100 on ZC or to buy one off the marketplace for 3,500,000 credits. They are so useful and desired, even adding them as a bonus for going the extra mile of making the 20,000th interaction during seasonal or holiday events, or to give them out after every 500,000th interaction, it would be insanely helpful to the users, and their value would still hold for the most part. My final grievance is trading. Sometimes, we want to sell 200 berries, and we don't want to risk them getting sniped off the market place or take the time to send 30 or 40 trades. Adding a "same-item-stacking" feature would help. I know I mentioned this is suggestions once and it was mentioned that something similar was being worked on. As long as it's eventually going to be addressed, that's good enough for me. As promised, not everything I have to say about this site is bad. I've made a lot of very good friends and met many wonderful people through trades and random PMs. Even people I rarely talked with have been so supportive and kind, and its a wonderful feeling to be loved. And the admins for the most part have generally been very kind and helpful to me when I needed them, and I've come to adore them. The forums provide a plethora of communities within the overall Pokefarm community and allow for all kinds of interactivity such as contests, raffles, and overall organizations for the support of various causes. I have to say, by far my favorite thing about Pokefarm was the implementation of Albino and Melan Pokemon. GENIUS idea. The art team did an amazing job with picking out the palletes, and I had a huge list of the ones I wanted. If I decide to return, I'm certainly going straight to collecting them. It was incredibly unique and honestly I'm ashamed that GameFreak never thought to implement it themselves. I also adored all of the Variants and Exclusives that were released, most if not all I feel should be canon Pokemon. You all did a fantastic job designing them, and I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with in the future (even if I don't return, I'll probably still look them up). On the topic of special Pokemon, as mentioned before I adored the delta Pokemon. I especially loved getting Pokemon of different types, and the colorful glow around them was gorgeous, especially when it complemented their colors (have you ever seen an ice/water delta albino Cyndaquil? BEAUTIFUL). Other than obtaining the points to get them, I felt it was very well implemented and I know for sure they are in the top 10 most enjoyed features of Pokefarm Q. I really enjoyed participating in the contests as well, and all the features on the salon. Customization of Pokemon has been something that's lacking in the main games and this helped quench my thirst for it. I hope the team is able to make some use out of this review. I tried to make it less about bashing the bad and more constructive. I really did enjoy my time here, and I hope to return someday, and in the case that I do, I look forward to seeing how Pokefarm Q has evolved over the time I am gone. Good luck to you all, and thanks for having me.

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