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magikx: "Great game!"★★★★☆

Posted: 24/Apr/2017 10:52:05 (7 years ago)

Quite hard to get used to at first, but once you know the basics, it's a great game. Welcome to the world of Pokemon! -- Admin edit: The user has requested that the following be added to their review. The star rating is unchanged. -- n o t e: I'm a fairly recent player. Concept: This was the first ever site/game where you click and interact with other players in order to, well, proceed with the game. And it was definitely a great first! I find clicking a great way to waste time, and it's not like it requires much effort to do. However, a downside to this is that clicking other players' party doesn't really help you much. Of course, you can complete tasks, hatch eggs with the EXP share and earn credits, but that's much easier with massclicking - players often never clickback. This means I often find clicking parties pointless, and other players might so too. This was improved with the egg timer, but some of the 'clicking' part was useless. But anyway, an interesting take on Pokemon. The game sadly does get... tedious after a while? Shiny hunting? Ha the time I'll be able to fully shiny hunt without getting bored will be in a while. Arceus? Well, RIP my currency. Tasks? Really, really pointless in my opinion. Pokemon/Eggs: Lovely artwork and sprites, the fakemon are creative and adorable ;> The addition of albinos and melanistics gives shiny hunting a nice touch. The egg designs could be improved, since some eggs look very similar, but that's not the artists fault. Deltas, on the other hand, are an 'umm' for me. I guess it promotes getting guests to take a look at PokeFarm, but when the novelty of a new type wore off I kinda just gave up. I wasted lots of shinies on my Delta Cosmog and Delta Arceus, and I regret it now. No one really values them highly - I'd rather stick to shinies. Starting out: Since this was my first clicking game, I found it hard to 'get into' the game. I just didn't find clicking very exciting or fun. This means I kinda just didn't play after I signed up, and the only real reason I came back was because of my rather extreme obsession with Pokemon. The new egg timer will definitely improve other new players' experience, though. Staff: The main statement - the staff actually interact with the players. It kinda brings the community closer, y'know? No? Anyway, a lot of games the staff don't care or interact with the players - they sort of seem like gods or something. Many people have already addressed this issue, but I like mainstream stuff so I'm going to jump onto the bandwagon - the staff sometimes are rude and sarcastic. Go to others for a more detailed review. Events: Premium boxes at the end of events are a lovely bonus that makes for something for me to get onto my phone for (okay my grammar is terrible sorry), but now I'm almost at Arceus it doesn't make for good motivation anymore. Both the times I got one I got 2 summons, and both times they were rather common ones. The actual events - great artwork, I can see the effort put into it. Nice storylines, albeit quite short. Cute fakemon (*cough* Kinaster). Forums/Community: A fun community, and many nice people (of course, every tree has it's bad apples.) Some people are really salty, but hey you don't have to be on the forums. Not much to say about the forums, although when it comes to the trade shops section it gives me a 'grey/blue' vibe, while the trades section gives me a 'rainbow' vibe. I sometimes assign colours to things, but it's not anyone but my fault. Coding: The codes this site includes really helps draw people in to coding, which of course is great! Not too complicated (cough) or too simple (cough), and you don't have to use them. Design: The actual site is mobile-friendly, yet the mobile friendly version isn't any worse than the desktop version, which it always good. Layout could be improved, the clickback button needs to be bigger. The idea of skins means people can't complain about that much, though I wish it was easier to code skins. Maybe make it easier to go to the main page of PokeFarm, I like reading reviews (don't ask.) Currency: I have no problem with Zophan Canisters, since you guys have to make money somehow. But anyway. I feel GP is too common, and in general not a very sought after currency. I'm not sure what you can do about that >.< Interacting: The buttons hate me. That's all I have to say. Overall: The game is simple to play, but after you get far into the game (around Ace/Champion) it starts getting boring and less exciting in general. The updates to keep improving the site show that the staff genuinely care, and the community is fun. Give the game a shot ;> 3½/5 stars rounded up. also, im british and its nice to see a british thing once in a while i swear americans make up half the internet

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