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LilacPony: "Very well done"★★★★☆

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 19:57:57 (4 years ago)

PFQ is a lovely website I found from a little Pokemon group on DeviantArt talking about it. The start might've been too slow for my liking, but it works as a somewhat decent tutorial. It's easy to send interactions, find new users with the jump button, and just all-around have a good time. Pokerus is somewhat difficult to obtain, but that makes a little bit of sense, but at other times not at all. It becomes discouraging if you constantly click the fields of everyone that has PKRS and get nothing. One of my friends, I will not mention who, spent nearly all day trying and didn't get it. I understand it's a lottery, and guarantee isn't given outright, but it's a little nitpick I have. It just feels like it could be improved on... someway, even if that way isn't clear. The wiki is extremely helpful with finding information on certain Pokemon, items, and eggs. Scours are well-done, with the perfect waiting time on receiving your rewards, and a decent cool-down system, even if it feels grinding to wait for a Pokemon to go back to 100%. One of my only complaints is that 1. It implores you to pay money to get things easily, otherwise you'll be struggling, or 2. If you chose to not pay anything, you grind endlessly just to get one single item. Otherwise, PFQ is well-made with rewards sprinkled in for those patient enough to stay true to the game. I cannot wait for future updates.

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