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Lady-Penumbra: "A lovely experience"★★★★☆

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:53:08 (4 years ago)

The site itself is very innovative, and I have been a long time fan (being a player that migrated over from the older website)! I remember at first, when I wasn't a very big fan that everything cost Zophan Canisters and that you had to purchase them with RL money, but I soon realized that the site needed funding, and this was a good way to get it while giving something back to the players! I haven't purchased anything from the site itself, as I need all my RL money for bills and the like, but it seems to be a fair and balanced system. And the use of Gold Poke has also risen within the game for some cool and useful features, and you can obtain that without money! I'm very pleased with the website, and the way the staff handles themselves and any situation that may arise within the player base. The pixels and artwork from the site are beautiful an you can tell that a lot of work and love was put into them. Here recently the website went under a total make over with the new coding, and I must say that everything is working wonderfully! My only complaint is that sometimes in the night, a little before and a little after the site goes down for maintenance, the entire site lags for me. (This could last between 30 mins - 1 and half hours) I check all my other websites that I use during this time and they're running, loading pages quickly. Of course this could just be the site preparing and ending the maintenance, but I'd like a confirmation on this. Other than that one hiccup, I believe the site is doing a fantastic job, as are the staff! It's a great game to play when you're bored, just want to click, want a fresh experience, or just feel like hoarding pokemon! I'd definitely recommend it to my friends (I already have c: ), and anyone reading this review should definitely give it a try!

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