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KottonxTail: "The best of the best!!"★★★★★

Posted: 26/Feb/2017 09:08:40 (4 years ago)

Let me start off by saying I love this site and have tried out other Pokemon sites, Yet nothing comes close to PFQ. I was on PF1, for some time and was more or/less stumbling around, and falling on my face. Well due to some real life reasons I took a hiatus from the site for some time. But when I did finally come back I heard about PFQ, once again I was stumbling around trying to figure stuff out. I do recall asking something in the forums and having one of the mods being a bit blunt and rudeish. (I cant recall what mod it was at this time)(however I was told later on thats how said mod comes off) But what I was asking about was sorta right in my face so it was really my own fault. I have always been scared of staff in general for sites, due to past experiences. But came to soon find out that the staff to user base isn't bad at all. (Granted they have their moments. But normally its because of something that is obvious.). When I did speak up about how I felt about staff and past experiences (Believe the first time was in a pod cast when the site was down for the recode), and Garth replied to my comment on the video and explained things to me. It was the first time that I had a staff member from an site actually take the time and explain things to me instead of acting like a child. Said topic was brought up once again in a chat and I was once reassured that it was nothing like I have dealt with in the past. Staff to user base is grade A. When I was a new user it was hard, due to me being anti social and always feeling like an out cast or bugging people. How ever 9/10 chances if you ask something be it the staff or user base they are more then willing to work with you and/or help you. The user to user base is amazing. A lot of people are friendly, the generosity still amazes me at time. For the site itself, Like I said before it is hard to start off and get your footing in the site. with the main currency being Zophan Canisters. In turn coast real money. I myself wasn't able to buy it myself at first, when I was able to make my first 10 Zophan Canisters I was super happy. But don't fret it is possible to earn it through trades and so forth. Zophan Canisters in turn by something called HyperMode that improves your chances of shiny Pokemon. A lot of people do sell things for GoldPoke another currency in the game (That doesn't cost real money). So if you build that up through different means in the game then you have no worries about shiny Pokemon and another items. The site has many things to do and be active in, so its always keeping you on your toes. I for one love the Mass Click Weekends, PFQ makes their own mega Pokemon that they give away if you met a set goal. Another things are Melanistic Pokemon, Another thing unique to PFQ. They also have fakemon, that are given out through the weekly tournaments. You do however have to get tokens (That are given for reaching set goals each week)to buy the fakemon, but still something that is neat. However there are a few things that I don't use, like the Pokewalker, Dojo. But there are many other things to jump into and I advise anyone to play this :) There is no right or wrong way to play this game, wait there is a wrong way. Follow the rules and you'll be good. The game is really up to the player if you only wanna have one type of Pokemon then so be it. It really is an addictive game once you get your footing.

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