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ICEBUNN: "You need this in your life. No question."★★★★★

Posted: 28/Feb/2017 00:22:18 (5 years ago)

There are no words for how much I love this site. I am addicted. I have never been so addicted to something since Animal Crossing New Leaf! (Except this addiction lasted longer!!!) The admins are very active with users, and they're very nice! Shiny hunting is a BLAST. I love the add-on of albinos and melans, it gives players more goals and adds more fun to the hunting process! The tournaments are great too! I just wish my shiny hunting wouldn't get in the way of some of them. ;w; Love 'em tho. The rank system is also pretty cool as it shows others your experience. Pokefarm Q is really pretty diverse. From roleplaying to catching them all, there's a lot that players can do! I love this site so much. >w< I don't think I would have learned HALF of the Pokémon that exist without it.

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