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HydreigonOxide: "The BEST Pokemon Pet game out here!"★★★★★

Posted: 20/Jul/2019 01:58:57 (1 year ago)

There are a LOT of pet simulation games on the internet. And of course, lots of Pokemon fans have created their own as well. But Pokefarm Q is the most developed of all of them. Pokefarm prides itself in its wide variety of daily activities. You can hatch and raise Pokemon, of course, but once they're fully grown, sometimes that's the end of it. But on Pokefarm, that's not the case. You can battle with them and enter them in Contests, which is something I haven't experienced with other Pokemon pet simulators. You can even raise a Pokemon's power with the Wishforge! The collection aspect of Pokefarm is also unique. Pokefarm features new Mega evolutions, new Fakemon, and even exclusive Melanistic and Albino formes. All these new forms are awesome looking and are enjoyable to unlock. Good luck catching them all! Overall, my experience with Pokefarm Q has been quite enjoyable. If you're looking for a pet simulator with lots of things to do, there's nothing quite like this! The immense detail put into this game makes for a wonderful experience for the player. They're always updating to make things better or more interesting. TL;DR Pokefarm Q is unique with lots of new Pokemon types to collect, as well as multitudes of options to display or use your Pokemon even after they're done growing.

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