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Hercules: "Pretty good game, Mostly good community"★★★★★

Posted: 12/Mar/2018 17:14:04 (9 months ago)

While I haven't been on for as long as some members have (a little under a month past my 1st full year of active play) I feel like I've certainly made a spot for myself within the community. The game as a whole is a nice thing to do if you have time, no matter who you are. It can be played casually in between classes or on road trips, or it can be played seriously by dedicating several hours each day to hatching eggs and interacting with other users. The concept of a fully community driven game (with a few exceptions) is hard to come by without massive issues, and while PFQ might have ~some~ to some users, I believe the mods are constantly doing their best to make PFQ the best game and place it can be for it's users. While I do understand and see how some people can find the mods as rude and "annoying," there's only, like what, 8 community/forum mods vs an ever-growing user base, which isn't always the kindest at times as seen in the more recent comments in the changelog. The community as a whole is pretty nice, I've met a good number of friends from this site whom grew to become friends even off the site. I'm not going to point fingers because there will /always/ be people like this on these sorts of sites, but when it comes to trading, there's a number of people who blatantly rip you off so they can resell for profit. I understand that you can just choose to not trade, but it's hard not to when they're the only ones to make an offer on something you're selling or snag everything of worth in a "free stuff" thread. There's also a few people in the art part of the community that can be found almost anywhere there's art; people who disrespect the artists and how their shop works. Most of the people on here are genuinely nice and a pleasure to interact with, but I can see how the "community" can turn people off. Overall, I think the game is rather solid in concept and execution (with some flaws that Niet seems to be striving to fix) and the community is mostly goodhearted.

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