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BendyDemon: "Fun place to loiter"★★★★☆

Posted: 02/Aug/2019 20:45:45 (4 years ago)

I have been here for nearly five years and it is one of the places I like to spend lots of time in, searching the shelter, clicking and just doing whatever. There are lots of pokemon to collect and having to fill a pokedex adds to the incentive to search and collect. I do miss the artwork you used to see on the profile page of a pokemon you click on but I suspect that may change in time. Some people complain that the game gets "exclusive" because there are certain things you can only obtain by spending real-life money. I don't have a big issue with it as all sites have to have some way to generate income so I don't see the big deal so long as regulars aren't squeezed unnecessarily. One thing that can get a tad dicey is that after a point,fields get progressively to prohibitively expensive forcing you to release and sell fields. Some of that can be recouped by trying to fulfill tasks. What is nice is that you can earn gold poke by logging in consecutively for five days PLUS clicking on "Fabulous Friday", this really helps. I have not had any issues with any of the staff or players probably because first off I don't go for or engage in any drama-queen antics, I don't throw a temper tantrum over changes or have a melt down because a feature is added or a design attribute is changed. We are all humans so we have our good days and bad. There is said to be a reboot coming in the future/near future and I personally look forward to it. Anyways..I like Pokefarm Q as it is easy to play, fun to collect and you have a variety of fields to arrange as you see fit. You learn to budget and buy fields wisely as many fields will still accommodate certain other pokemon even if the field is primarily favorable to a specific type. So far this Pokemon game is far more enticing than many other online pokemon games I have seen. There is no rush to do things and there are seasonal activities, contests and weekly tournaments so there is always something to do.

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