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Ampykins: "amazing game! so much fun and playability"★★★★★

Posted: 01/Oct/2017 18:23:52 (1 year ago)

for the short time i have played this game so far i can defenitely say its worth putting money into this game! it is of course free and there are ways to get to a desired item sooner if you collect and save up certain items. wich is really good as well! Pros: + lot of playability with minigames, collecting, trading, shinies, custom site based pokemon, variants and special variants. + anyone is able to get items and features with just playing the game, by either just playing, or completing extra tasks, tournaments, events or special bonusses! + friendly and helpfull community, many people on the forums, including the devz and moderaters are willing to stand by if you post something or write a message. + playable on the phone with no issue at all! layout and respond times are near perfect, some things are too small but thats not the issue of the site at all! + high costumisability, with skins, BB codes, shops and journals. with a simple guidelines and instructions to follow you can make your own version of the site! + amazing art and presentation. the art and graphics team have done a really good job with the site art and sprites of their custom variants and spriting for certain items and pokemon. Cons: - missing information about minor things, for example, the Albino radar page doesn't exactly tell you how much you boost your percentage for an albino. or how much the % or chance is when getting a shiny, but its all really minor though! - BB codes can be a pain sometimes, especially if you haven't used them at all before. that is pretty much it! thank you guys so much again for this brilliant game!

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