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Alaska the Okami: "Love the site, especially the staff and the community"★★★★★

Posted: 10/Jul/2019 22:49:48 (1 year ago)

I’ve been on this site for a year or two now and it is a pretty good game, I personally love the way it’s set up. I love the Staff on here as well as he community, and I also enjoy the ZC currency even though I have never payed for a hypermode. The staff do get a bad rap on here sometimes from what’s happened in the past years. I’ve done my research due to being confused about what people were talking about as far as that goes. But in my experiences the staff have been nothing but helpful, and this is coming from a payer who got their art shop deleted in the beginning due to my younger mind not realizing that tracing is still art theft :’) It was a mistake and even though all that happened the staff person that discussed the whole problem with me was incredibly nice about it, which I really appreciated. The staff have also been incredibly helpful with misunderstandings I’ve had on the site, as well as helped me figure out problems I have had on here. I love the community and I love the ZC currency even though I’ve never paid for a hypermode or for ZC myself. It’s still a currency I use and although it is harder to get certain things, I’m still able to get ZC in other ways, mainly through the market and then trading currency’s with other players. this whole website is wrapped around a community and I love that, I’ve met such amazing people on here and it’s one of the things I love most about this website. Overall I love this game, I think it’s set up very well and I enjoy every part of it.

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