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Aesuna: "A Pretty Good Clicky Game"★★★★★

Posted: 17/Apr/2017 18:05:37 (1 year ago)

I admit, at first I wasn't too sold on the whole idea. You click people's Pokémon and hope they return the favor. You collect 'em all. There's not really a story or anything, but it doesn't really need it. On the surface, that sounds pretty bland unless you just love collecting little sprites and clicking on things. In reality, it's a really fun game if you aren't afraid of getting carpal tunnel. There's /always/ something to do, and if you invest a little time or money into it, even the clicking gets more engaging. Weekly tournaments and the occasional event are great fun, hatching uniquely-designed eggs and discovering new critters (especially the exclusives!) is pretty exciting, and you can be as casual or as dedicated of a player as you want to be and still have fun -- whether you just want to fill out your Dex or go hardcore shiny, albino, or melanistic hunting! The community, overall, is really wonderful and friendly. The tutorial is thorough and fun and surprisingly well-designed. The game is chock full of features to keep you occupied, and it's a great time-killer. Plus, you can give everything goofy names. The only thing I can really think of as a downside (besides 'ow, my wrists') is that the premium currency feels a bit expensive for what it can get you. Luckily you aren't /forced/ to shell out real life money, and you can't blame the developers and artists for needing to eat. Five stars because I can't think of much more they can realistically do with the genre.

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