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Addisun: "A very well developed website"★★★★★

Posted: 13/Jan/2019 14:24:50 (5 years ago)

I'm not so good at reviews! But, I just wanted to say how well developed this website is. It's a ton of fun and very addicting, it's really hard to put down once you've started. There's so much to do on here like completing your pokedex of course, and even your eggdex! And they have pokemon from all generations and I'm sure they'll add more as new generations keep on coming. They also have their own sets of pokemon they've created that you can mix and match. Pokemon you don't see in the generations of games we have currently. It's beautiful! The staff here also insures that everybody is safe and they do care. After all, this website is intended for children with parental guidance as stated in the rules! This British website is one of the most entertaining and addicting websites I've ever had the pleasure of being in! The community here is really great too. It's nice to bump into somebody every once in awhile who is very friendly and even loves to give away something to newbies! It inspires me to do the very same thing! It's very nice when you bump into a new friend to chat, trade, and have fun in Pokefarm Q with!! 5/5, 10/10, Triple AAA entertaining and addicting website!

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