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adrianatheshy: "I like it but it has some issues"★★★☆☆

Posted: 09/Feb/2017 02:48:53 (3 years ago)

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I like it I get to interact more. But I evolved pokemon and sometimes they disappear and I can never find them and I know that I released them.

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athelas: "constructive criticism i guess"★★★☆☆

Posted: 24/Jan/2017 20:23:37 (3 years ago)

overall this site is good, i'm online pretty much all day every day because it's just a really good way to zone out and chill... when i first started it was really easy to get the hang of and get super into because the tutorial was really thorough and there are a lot of different goals for new players to achieve. love that! and i love that the tournaments add a little extra challenge and competition (though i can see how some people, who can't really be online as much, can find them a little more difficult or unfair). also love that you traded friend requests for the vip function. less anxiety for those of us who have anxiety. it's a great way for us to keep track of friends and people on mass-click lists without having to say in giant bold font "seriously, no random friend requests!!!". because it was really annoying when people ignored that :-P but i have a couple problems, the most important being where the heck is the block feature? a block feature is one of the most basic things on any online community. it's a simple way to avoid conflict - if you have a problem with someone, just block them and move on. it's been, what, at least 3 years since this site has been up and running, and i feel like a lot of features that have been added, though fun and unique, haven't really been asked for? or necessary? i haven't even seen any recent news about adding the block function any time soon or at all (unless i've missed it). and going off that, staff can be really dismissive or indifferent of important things (ableism, transphobia, that sort of thing) compared to things like art theft and stuff? which, don't get me wrong, general site rules are still very important! but over the course of the years (i used to watch my friend play a couple years ago) i've seen/heard of more people getting in trouble or banned for things like art theft than i've seen staff do anything substantial about racism and transphobia and the like. as staff, the safety of your users is your responsibility too. and some of the mods/admins have a "holier-than-thou" sorta attitude? sarcastic and in some cases, downright snobby. moderators are supposed to be just that - moderators. mediators are not supposed to have an "i'm always right" attitude, and people who run a website should be able to handle problems without being sarcastic and passive-aggressive. truthfully, that bad attitude makes it hard for people to take the admins, and this site, seriously. another suggestion - some of the goals on the task list don't have like, reasonable rewards? being online for 100 days in a row is definitely a commitment so 1 million credits seems like a great reward for that. but really all you have to do is login 100 days in a row and nothing else. not too difficult. compared to that, getting pokerus 100 times for example, which takes a ton of commitment and hours on top of hours of clicking, only gets you 222,000 credits... it doesn't really make much sense. last one is the economy on this site. the marketplace is a mess. most of everything is extremely overpriced so either people spend a ton more credits than they need to and go broke or close to it, or things just don't get bought and circulated. i don't know how it can be fixed but it's kind of a real problem that you should seriously consider and discuss. that's pretty much all i can think of! overall a great site, love being a part of it! but as with anything there are some problems to be seriously considered, not just glossed over or tossed aside.

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Niet replied: 24/Jan/2017 21:13:24 (3 years ago)

Thank you for your review. Regarding the block feature, we do not have any plans to implement it. Anything that you would want to block someone for, you can probably report them instead. This will get the problem *fixed* rather than just ignoring it. This might seem like an extreme example, but we have had extremely undesirable people including child predators. If we had a block function, we might never have found out. Instead, by forcing people to report the issue instead of ignoring it, the problem was solved. This is why we don't have a block feature: it doesn't help anything. I would like to mention that you claim staff are dismissive, yet your desire for a block feature is exactly that: wanting to dismiss a problem rather than resolve it. Anyway, if you have any specific issues with staff, we have a Staff Manager for a reason. Please contact Garthic with *specific* issues, and again get them fixed instead of ignoring them. I mean, not to be rude here, but so far your review is "you need to fix these things but I'm not gonna help you do it..." We aren't omnipresent and we need your help to bring things to our attention. Like, what's all this about transphobia? If that's going on, we want to know about it! Please, report it! Racism too, just anything bad, let us know... We want to fix this but again we can't without your help :D Regarding the Task List rewards, admittedly some of them are just numbers I grabbed out of thin air, but for the specific example you gave: being online vs. PKRS, PKRS automatically includes a bunch of Credits (for your interactions to get it), and the reward of having PKRS itself. The Task then becomes a nice little extra "you did the thing!" reward. Meanwhile the "online chain" reward is all there is to it. I hope this helps explain why some rewards at least seem so out of scale. As for the economy - that's not us! Economics follow the rules of supply and demand, and if supply is low then prices will be high. That's just how money works. If it's out of your price range, don't buy it - the seller won't get anything out of it if they don't sell it either, so... eventually they'll have to lower the price, at which point you can buy it because the demand will have lowered compared to the price. See? Anyway, thanks again. Please feel free to contact me if you want to discuss anything further.

Roakore: "Mixed"★★★☆☆

Posted: 19/Jan/2017 00:47:23 (4 years ago)

Pros: +Ongoing work to make the site more user friendly +Fun events for the users +Addition of Daily Tasks Cons: -A lot of the good stuff requires ZC -The market listings are often SUPER MEGA overpriced for the items -The staff attitudes and responsibilities Explanations: The ongoing work of Niet to make the site more user friendly is great. I like looking at the updates and seeing how he constantly works to make his userbase happy. Sure a lot of this stuff comes kinda slow, but since he is the only coder for PFQ, that's fair enough. I especially love the open all function, as well as how easy it is to click in the fields. Niet works to make fun and engaging events for his userbase, though the MCW sometimes seems boring to me. I like more variety in the prizes than just a PFQ megastone exclusive. That however is just me, I know that a lot of work goes into those and most people love them! The last christmas event was a lot of fun, and the prizes were great since non-paying players could get premium items for just meeting the interaction goals. Not a lot of sites would do this for non-paying players. Now I am not a heavy player here. But the addition of the Daily Tasks was a very nice touch. It helped make those that can't play that much feel a little better thanks to the rewards they can get from tasks that don't rely on clicking someone several thousand times for a small payout. Or on luck (love my free gold poke!) that you would need when opening treasure boxes. Now I know that the site runs on money, and you get ZC from that money, but since a great deal of players can't use RL money, they have to devote a lot of time here to get something of enough value to snag some ZC. That in and of itself isn't all that bad, but allowing people to price their own ZC ratio values to the other currencies is the big problem. I have seen shops that are very fair and reasonable. Then there are shows that blow the prices SKY high. Yes the idea of a free control over that is good in theory, but think of it this way. When someone is fair with the price of their ZC, most will go to them. Then all that is left once they are out of ZC are the ones selling it for atrocious amounts. It makes both searching for it tedious and depressing. I know of a lot of people that don't even bother to look even though they have plenty of gold poke to buy with. I know I saw that moderating prices or ratios would destroy the freedom and impose the sellers to just post at the cap but there should be another alternative. Market is full of over priced items. I mean, I have seen simple evolution stones for 10,000 credits. Like really? Sure only the desperate will ever by at prices so crazy, it makes people compete a little too much. "Oh this person is selling theirs for 11,000. I don't wanna get less than that because I have no idea how much this really is worth." So the prices just stay way out of reasonable prices. I don't really know how this can be fixed but plenty of people just avoid looking at the market right now because they know if they actually do see something they want or need, it will be way out of their price range. Staff attitudes have literally been all over the wall. I have seen them respond with incredible courtesy during hostile situations, then flip the switch on something much more docile. I don't really know what the pattern is, but I have witnessed it several times during my short time here. There is also a smugness among a small handful of the mods. The impression I get from them is "Well I don't like what you say, and I disagree with you. Being a mod means I am right." Now I know I could be very very wrong there, but that is how it comes off. And I certainly am not the only one to notice. I know Niet says they this issue is much better than before, but I am not so sure... Also, I have noticed that Mods seem to not be doing their full responsibilities in the forums. Its kind of a mess in certain areas and no mod intervention came in a responsible amount of time. No they aren't perfect but I know if they had been more attentive in certain areas, they could catch the problems much faster. Well that's my two cents.

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Suvichan: "Good game"★★★☆☆

Posted: 14/Jan/2017 04:44:02 (4 years ago)

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Good game but should also add pokemon battles and exploring new regions.Instead of shelter there could be an exploring tab where we could catch pokemons.

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Niet replied: 14/Jan/2017 12:20:09 (4 years ago)

Thank you for your review, but I must admit to being confused. You say our game is good, then say we should just be like every other game that already exists? Whatever happened to creativity and uniqueness? Anyway. Battling is being worked on, as a side feature, but it will take some time. As for exploring, I doubt it. This is a social game, not an RPG... Hopefully this clears that up. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss this further.

SaltyGlitch: "The game itself works, but paid players rule the economy"★★★☆☆

Posted: 13/Jan/2017 22:52:50 (4 years ago)

Positive: - Site is functional - Regular updates - Bonus counters are a nice feature - Site looks clean, artwork is nice - Tradeable premium currency Negative: - Daycare system - Some paywall - Repetitive gameplay - Market prices I will go into more detail for each of my negative points. First, the Daycare system. I find it unfair how you need to purchase Daycare Passes to adopt more than one egg per day, and how expensive they are. I was doing a shiny hunt with Daycare Passes, and I cannot fathom how selling shinys is profitable considering how expensive the passes are. To users that have all the shiny boosts you can buy with Zophan Canisters, it may not seem expensive. When you only have the PokeRadar+ to work with, the Daycare is a money pit and seems to be paywalled. Shiny hunters can adopt shelter eggs as an alternative, but they should not have to. Paying to adopt eggs from your own breeding pair does not seem right to me. I would like to see the price for Daycare Passes significantly dropped, or remove them alltogether. On a positive note, I do like how eggs are released to the Shelter after a day. This site does have a paywall. It is not the most extreme one I have ever seen, but it does exist. There are free alternatives to some things that require Zophan Canisters to purchase, like the PokeRadar+ for Hypermode, and Lucky Eggs for Super Lucky Eggs. Hypermode users receive free Gold Poke and summons every month, which as another reviewer pointed out seems very pandering towards paying players. The gameplay itself is not paywalled, but shiny hunting is. Shinys are one of the, if not the main thing people look for in trade shops and free-to-play players are considerably disadvantaged because of it. For non-paying players, they only have the PokeRadar+ and Sei's bonus to work with, while paying players have: Hypermode, Shiny Charms, Ubercharms, and Sei's bonus when it is active. It does not seem like a huge advantage, but I have done the math and the numbers should speak for themselves. At a chain of 35 with only the PokeRadar+, the chance of hatching a shiny is increased approximately 594 percent. With paid players, Hypermode allows them to chain to 40 which gives a 3,996 percent boost. There is already a huge difference between free and paid players. Let's factor in the Shiny Charm to the Hypermode percentage which doubles the chances, we're at 7,992 now. The Ubercharm doubles shiny and albino chances, so I multiplied 7,992 by 2 and this brings paid players up to a whopping 15,984 percent increase with all three paid shiny boosts. Paid players are approximately 26.9 times more likely to hatch a shiny with all paid boosts than a free player using the PokeRadar+ (if my math was done correctly). Even if my math is flawed, there is still a huge difference between a paid player and a free player's chances of hatching a shiny. I do agree paid players deserve some perks over free players, however the boosts given to paid players here essentially deny free players a good chance of making a considerable profit. Take a look through the trade shops in the forums and see how many are operated by Hypermode users. Repetitive gameplay does not need much explanation, all there is to do is click. It isn't bad if one can set their own personal goals, but for those that need some sort of achievement system it can get boring. The prices when selling through the Market system are absolutely ridiculous. I understand these prices are set by the players and are pretty much out of staff control, but it does not change how high they are. Users are setting their own currency conversion ratios and this may be a reason why prices are all over the place. Overall, the game itself works fine. If you get into the game's economics, it is highly biased towards paid players. The paywall could certainly be worse, but it is still built pretty high. As my title says, the game works fine but the economy is ruled by those who pay real money.

👍 20👎 3

SevenEggs: "It's...okay?"★★★☆☆

Posted: 12/Jan/2017 07:27:24 (4 years ago)

Let me just start this by saying that I was addicted to this game for the first week after I started playing. It certainly has it's good points... But I'm not going to talk about those just yet. For me, this game seems to have little reason to come back each day. Sure, you have your daily chains and such but I found after breaking it for the first time I just couldn't find it within myself to try and build it back up (and I was only at 14 days!). Besides the chains I honestly don't see a reason to come back on a day to day basis. And then after that it's almost like.. why come back at all if I'm barely having fun? And on that note, while this game is most certainly not pay-to-win it feels like pay-to-have-fun. Fun for me is hatching Shiny/Albino/Melanistic pokemon. While I possess the IRL funds to be able to purchase the premium currency I just don't enjoy the site enough to justify spending real money. I suppose I could utilise the trading system but all I see of value on this site is Shiny, Albino and Melanistic pokemon and, as far as I understand it, the only somewhat reliable way to get those is to use your premium currency to buy equipment. Perhaps I am wrong, but the fact that I haven't seen any other way might indicate a problem. Another subject I'm almost a little nervous to bring up is the staff. Now I'm not here to name names but certain members of the staff here intimidate me to no end. The fact that some of the first interactions between staff and players that I saw were almost rude in nature has put me off ever interacting or even having the CHANCE at interacting with the staff here. But hey I like to think of myself as a positive person. I'll share some of the of the good stuff about this site too. The community seems pretty nice. As I mentioned above I'm too afraid to even attempt to use the forums and yet I've still managed to encounter nice members of this community. Someone even sent me a gift out of nowhere and it absolutely made my day. The staff are very clear about the updates. I like how sometimes it is discussed in detail, I find it really interesting. Hopefully in the future I'll have more positive things to say! :)

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Lyrina25: "My review (Original title, I know.)"★★★☆☆

Posted: 11/Jan/2017 18:09:03 (4 years ago)

I'll take this in chunks. Shelter: I've made posts before about how I wish only one of each type of pokemon/egg would be shown at once. It would be different if we could claim more than one pokemon per screen, but it forces us to refresh or go to the pokemon page anyway so there's no real point in having more than one type. Scour: I bought two scour boosts and I still mostly get junk. Store: I've very much missing the store. The market is very hard to use while on mobile. Forums: I think Journals should be exempt from the delete after such-and-such time. Anyone who ever has had a journal knows that entries can be far and few between. Other: I miss the keyboard shortcuts. It's become more of a hassle to explore the site now that I have less time to do so since I got a job. Other than these points, I think Pokefarm is doing pretty well. I like that it's gotten a bit less pay-to-play as well as it was when PFQ first came about. There's more chances to earn things BUT you can also pay real money to get them.

👍 11👎 2

Manewa: "Becoming an addiction"★★★☆☆

Posted: 08/Jan/2017 18:02:26 (4 years ago)

To be frank, it's been an addiction for some time now, in a positive sense. Something that's been addicting in a fun way. Lately, however, there has started to be some pressure alongside the fun. I'm mostly talking about the Tournaments and daily task-list. I know, no one forces one to take part, but the daily task list thingy popping to one's eyes as incompleted all the time feels like a taunt. And the tournaments, with the way they work, they make casual "completion" of the game an impossibility. In order to complete one's dex one would have to participate and grind trough almost all of them, which pretty much steals the possibility for long hunts and such since the party is almost always occupied by tournament pokes. Or well, one could pour in money to get zophan and get over it with eggpasses and Super lucky eggs but... All in all, with the way the site's been going lately, it's getting too competitive in my opinion. For now we are still on the positive side, but in all honesty, I really hope there will be no more of these new features which force the players to either fight themselves or the others. One thing I have to complement though is the great artwork. The new gen 7 mons are a great example of that. The official images of them just look freaky to me, but PFQ's sprites are cute. Visually, this is easily one of the best browser games I know of.

👍 17👎 0

LilMinxy: "Love the game but.."★★★☆☆

Posted: 08/Jan/2017 14:57:06 (4 years ago)

This is one of many games I play where I have to actually feed the 'pets' that I have. I might not have been a member for long but somethings could really use fixing. During the 12 days of Christmas I could not complete day 11 because of the extreme lag on the site, gate way errors, things going to an oops page of some sort. So, I skipped that day entirely. I couldn't handle the site doing all of that. When I want to do a mas release, it would really be nice to have a select all button. Clicking all of those individual squares sometimes makes me just delete the field and re-buy it. Half the time when I click on a square, it doesn't register until I click on the actual Pokemon. I then get a 50/50 chance of going to the Pokemon's page. I do love this site dearly, since its my favorite Pokemon one. Things could be better though.

👍 8👎 3

Niet replied: 08/Jan/2017 15:34:40 (4 years ago)

It sounds like you're having some issues that are specific to you or your computer/network. "Gateway error" is typically an error you get when a proxy server is involved somewhere, and we don't use one of those - it's possible that your network is configured poorly leading to this issue. This could also explain why the lag was so bad for you on Day 11 - it wasn't until Day 12 that the lag got really bad here. Similarly for Mass-Release, it is supposed to select the Pokémon whenever you click anywhere in the box, and selecting all of them should be a breeze. If it's not, there may be something wrong with your system. In either case, please feel free to post in the Bugs or Help forum to get further assistance in solving these problems. I will mention, however, that we have no plans of adding a "select all" feature to the Mass Release. It would be too easy to accidentally release more than you intended to. Having to click each one's box allows you to have just that extra moment to check what you're doing before an irreversible accident happens. I hope you understand.

ReshiStar: "Stable but needs heavy improvement for user base"★★★☆☆

Posted: 08/Jan/2017 06:56:12 (4 years ago)

I strongly enjoy pfq however the daily counter and albino radar are both quite harsh if you're trying to live a life. The 'miss a day - daily reset minus 1 albino level' is crude and makes me feel forced to come on pfq, I wanted a relaxing game I could pick up and put down whenever I had time. Its not fair for people who struggle to even get onto the internet to be punished so harshly. otherwise, the other mechanics work great and run smoothly. Will edit in future if changes are made to site regarding these issues.

👍 11👎 7

Niet replied: 08/Jan/2017 12:58:53 (4 years ago)

Thank you for your review, I'm sorry you feel negatively regarding our Daily Rewards systems. While most of them are designed strictly to reward returning users, I will admit that the Albino Radar's de-levelling can be seen as somewhat punishing if you aren't able to play. That being said, I would like to point out that it could be worse: you only lose one level per missed day, rather than being forced to start over from scratch. In fact, missing just one day is completely harmless, as powering it the following day will instantly return you to the level you were at. I hope this helps explain the design choices we have made, and I hope you will give us another chance in future.

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