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We welcome our players to provide their feedback on PokéFarm Q. Good or bad, your opinion matters! So please, speak your mind. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Liz827: "Perfect.... At face value"★★★☆☆

Posted: 29/Oct/2017 17:16:51 (3 years ago)

After reading some other reviews, both positive and negative, I decided upon writing my own. On surface value, this site is really fun. You hatch eggs, breed your own, evolve Pokemon, go fishing, plant berries, and manage your own farm full of fields and goals to achieve. Exciting right? Until you find the market, different charms to hunt different forms, your personal money, and different locations within the farm. To begin, I personally believe that everything on this site is extremely overpriced. Yes there are special bonuses that cut prices by a certain percentage, but they still don't help much. Especially Because it is incredibly difficult to even get currency unless you pay for zophan canisters, which is actual money. And where does that money even go? Hundreds of dollars probably on a daily basis going out into the abyss for what reason? The only way to achieve anything is with credits or gold poke. Even that has its limits. And any way to even get more regular currency is to buy canisters with your own money to get anywhere. Which I don't believe is quite right or fair. Also along these lines, tournament tokens are a fun way to create incentive to participate in something for a week. But the rewards are massively expensive. Unless you are homeschooled, don't work, don't play a sport, don't have a hobby, or just do nothing but hang on pokefarm, the "easy, medium, and hard" categories should all be considered "hard, Oh no, and you better not do anything besides this site." The only way to buy any of the prizes in a reasonable time frame is to reach the "hard" level for five tokens, but still that barely gets you anything useful. Secondly, there are random locations all over the farm page in the nearby places that serve next to no purpose. Maybe I don't understand the purpose of them because I have never had any of the pokemon/items the scientists are "researching." Why are there so many places? What are the even for? (At least one requires money, which I have talked about extensively in the previous section and will not delve into further). I feel like there should be something somewhere that explains the reward of getting these Pokemon/items and if it is actually worth your time finding them. Finally, the amount of users on this site is nice, but it makes the website frustrating. Once there is over one thousand users online, the website drags and is incredibly slow. My internet connection is relatively constant, so that isn't the issue. I have been noticing it more and more as I try to interact with other users because the page takes forever to load, and cannot load all fifty users on a page like it usually can with less users online. It is ridiculously frustrating and very difficult to interact with other users and even navigate the site. On a final and positive note, I do quite enjoy the site and upgrading my badges. Truly, it is the only thing I can really do without being incredibly frustrated and mildly annoyed with some aspects that could be changed. I will still continue to work my way through to hopefully unlock everything in my pokedex, but honestly it will probably take forever considering its been over two years since I've joined and have barely gotten anywhere so far.

👍 45👎 16

Builder34: "A fun game to kill time"★★★☆☆

Posted: 28/Oct/2017 00:18:16 (3 years ago)

I have been playing for a few months now and I must say by no means is this game bad. First the pros 1) A community where about 95% of the users are nice. 2) Fun fakemon and fake mega evolutions. 3) Loads of features to enjoy and explore. 4) Staff does there job which is nice since other Pokemon sites have terrible mods. 5) New stuff are added frequently. 6) It isn't too hard to get currency. These are all good, so how can I possibly rank it three stars, well I will explain, but before the con here is one thing I am annoyed about but can over look. There is no way to block annoying users. If they are messaging you all you can really do is ignore them. While this is fine a block button would be nice. The con in my opinion is it gets really repetitive. While some say it is I personally find it rather dull to repeat everything. Send out Scour Pokemon, get punching bags, open up boxes, click, check other things, and repeat until something new comes along to get your attention for a days and then back to the cycle. By all means play it, it can be really fun at times but know that other times it is really dull. Thus 3 stars as fifty percent of the time it is fun and fifty percent it is boring.

👍 16👎 4

Niet replied: 28/Oct/2017 10:48:56 (3 years ago)

Please be aware that the reason we have - as you put it - "a community where about 95% of the users are nice" is because we encourage users to report problem people, rather than just ignore/block them. By reporting, you allow us to take a look into the issue and resolve it, either by explaining to the offending user why what they did is not acceptable and helping them learn how to better adjust to our social community, or if such a resolution is impossible then by removing them entirely. This helps the community as a whole by removing toxic people before they can affect too many people, but this would not be possible if we had a Block button. With a Block button, each individual would just ignore the problem and that problem would move on to the next victim. It's far better overall to solve problems rather than ignoring them. I hope this explanation helps!

Mew8899: "Eh"★★★☆☆

Posted: 22/Sep/2017 21:03:14 (3 years ago)

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prices LIE alot in shop

👍 4👎 28

Niet replied: 23/Sep/2017 10:31:58 (3 years ago)

They do? Where? How? What?

ohush: "TLDR: Decent for New Players & Lacking for PF1 Fans"★★★☆☆

Posted: 20/Sep/2017 02:37:46 (3 years ago)

I posted this awhile ago on a feedback thread and I'm going to reiterate it here and with a couple new points. To me, PF1 was, and will always be the best Pokefarm. I started out with nothing on PF1 and ended up being very rich. I did not want to lose it. I loved hunting and collecting shinies. That was the only thing I wanted to do. I never got the Dex filled because I was focused on shinies and boxes. I come on here, when it's open, and find out shinies are very rare to get. It took a very long time for me to get the Pokeradar and the Pokeradar+ and when I got them, I was choked to find out that they don't even chain up to highest chance of getting shinies, so getting shinies is pretty much impossible unless you're very lucky. Also, I am unable to pay for Hypermode. So, getting shinies for me proves to be a challenge unless I can somehow get enough ZC to buy one. That being said, I feel like PFQ was designed to generate more money. I understand that but I do not understand why it is as bad as it is. Most things are very hard to get unless you either pay for it with real money or spend a lot of time trying. Scours, my main way of generating money in PF1, have been severely cut off. You can only send one Pokemon with low chance of bringing back something decent unless you somehow get enough Goldpoke or buy the GP with real money. This is the same for the Shelter Passes. (Which in turn, makes it harder to shiny hunt for people who can't buy Hypermode/GP/ZC) I feel these should be put back to the way they were on PF1. On here, there is a huge gap. There's the very rich people and the regular people. The very rich people are the ones who tend to able to pay real money for things on here. They tend to have a lot of shinies, albinos and the like. Some very rich people may not have ever paid for anything on here in their life, but there is not many. And if they are, they have been playing for a considerably long time. It seems to be very hard for a regular person (who is unable to spend money) on the site to become rich. On PF1, it was generally easier and everyone had equal opportunity. I never paid a cent in my life and I had over 50 summons and nearly three fields full of shinies. I was as rich as the people who did pay money. Perhaps they have done this to give incentive to people to pay money for things. But for the people like me that can't pay, it's really not fun. Also, another critique I have is that the layout for new people is very hard to understand. My friends and I had a hard time trying to figure it out how to get to a lot of pages when we first started on here. It is also generally an eyesore. For the positives, I will say that the community and most staff (besides Niet, from the comments on the lower ratings) are very friendly and willing to help out. I like the idea of the community as a whole working toward a goal with the counters on the right hand side. I am also a big fan of the sprites the art team has created ESPECIALLY the Shinxel. Overall, it is a decent site and may be fun to you if you have the time and/or money to put in. However, in my opinion, it will never live up to its former glory so I cannot give it more stars. This is the reason I, and many other diehard PF1 fans, have quit. I do come back from time to time due to friends dragging me on but I can't see a day where I commit to this regularly. P.S. SHOUTOUT TO GARTHIC WHO IS AN ABSOLUTE LEGEND.

👍 19👎 5

Niet replied: 20/Sep/2017 08:18:38 (3 years ago)

You're right about it being harder on PFQ: that's because PF1 was unfortunately quite broken indeed. Everyone was rich, so nobody had anything of value, and the game was stale as a result. PFQ was designed to reel back the things you get, to prevent the game from becoming stagnant. As an extreme example, Beast Balls are still selling for over 5 times the price of any other Summon item. If people still had 27 Scour Missions at once, they'd quickly become worthless. It's difficult to explain, but perhaps this quote will help: "When everyone's super, no one will be." For a multiplayer game to have any kind of functional economy, it has to be imbalanced in some way. Official Pokémon titles use "Version Exclusive" Pokémon for this purpose. PFQ has two: people who invest a lot of time, and people who spend a little money. These two kinds of players then become the source of rarer things, and both will gladly sell them to "more casual" players as it helps them boost themselves further. For example, people Melan Hunting a rare Pokémon will gladly sell off their Shinies for a handful of Gold Poké, which a casual player can pick up for free every Friday/Saturday, and every 5 days of being online. The "hardcore" player then accumulates this GP from multiple "casual" players and uses it to buy Daycare Passes and advance their hunt. This kind of thing wouldn't be possible if everyone had access to more GP than they would ever need, as they did on PF1. I would like to hear more about the design issues you're claiming. I'll admit I'm not a designer, I'm a programmer. But I do have a grounding in UI design. So if you have any more specific comments and suggestions regarding this, please send them my way. Contrary to popular belief, I don't bite :p

PixelGlitches: "Its good, but it needs improvement."★★★☆☆

Posted: 04/Sep/2017 20:31:22 (3 years ago)

Overall, the game is fairly fun and easy. However, i found myself getting bored of it rather quickly. Its extremely repetitive and the requirements for some things can be very unforgiving and discouraging. For example, in order to unlock legendary pokemon you need to complete certain portions of the pokedex. I find this extremely annoying as casual players like myself dont care about completing the dex, but would still like to have legendaries. I just got a graecida seed to summon shaymin and Icant use it. Not only this the staff seem rude and condescending. Finally, I beleive we are unnecessarily limited in things such as egg adoptions, especially in the daycare. In order to find eggs in the daycare, you must interact with other players. However when you get eggs from the daycare, you have to interact more to hatch them. This, in turn causes you to find more eggs in the daycare. Even though we can buy daycare passes it is immensely frustrating to have just 6 egg adoptions. Finally, the tutorial was wayyy too long.

👍 26👎 15

TsunamiKai: "It Has Its Charm"★★★☆☆

Posted: 28/Aug/2017 02:12:07 (3 years ago)

This is according to my personal experience YMMV. PROS: - The site has something for everyone who is into pokemon. Cool fakemon, megas for pokemon who don't have them, battling, things rarer than shinies, contests, pokewalker... SO much more! - Very friendly userbase, no really, there are so many kind people - Generally helpful Wiki - Boosts for the whole site that the community work towards together (this is where your credit and gold discounts come from) CONS: - Layouts can be difficult to navigate/understand - Can't find the rules to everything easily (not knowing them is not an excuse on this site) - Feel limited in what you can do every day (only get an x amount of adoptions from daycare/shelter) - Feels a lot like p2p - Being a completionist on this site isn't very fun (costs a lotta money if you wanna 100% the pokedex/eggdex) - Staff seem rude (but I hear they are helpful) OVERALL: I would recommend this site and I personally have a lot of fun though I get kinda bored often because I feel that I don't have enough to do. Also find it a little challenging because this site emphasizes activity which is really nice, but also puts a lot of pressure on a person who may have a busier life.

👍 25👎 5

daikon: "Ech"★★★☆☆

Posted: 28/Aug/2017 00:08:47 (3 years ago)

When I first joined I thought this site was super fun. But now I really don't do much other than commission people for art and hatch eggs. I love the concept of this game..(but now there are so many sites doing the same thing, lol) and I really love the PFQ exclusive Pokemon. But other than that, this site is just "eh" to me now. :')

👍 5👎 8

Coolgum15: "A neat clicker"★★★☆☆

Posted: 15/Aug/2017 15:35:33 (3 years ago)

It's pretty much a clicker with pokemon and some extra features. Not good, but not bad. It certainly kept my attention

👍 7👎 3

pyeface: "Pretty Amazing"★★★☆☆

Posted: 14/Jul/2017 04:13:17 (3 years ago)

Wow, this is overall a great game, and super fun and awesome! Everything is so rewarding and there's always something to do. Good job, staff, I think you made this game really great! But the reason I give it a 3/5, is a bit biased to myself, but is mainly because I've only been here for a week, and the past few days started becoming confusing and slightly boring. I'm not saying that I hate it, I'm just confused and a bit bored. I know I should ask my questions, but I know most of them have been answered SOMEWHERE in the world of the FAQ, and I have to find it. And it's starting to get slightly boring because it feels like I'm doing the same thing every day. With the daily tasks and all. I want the reward, but sometimes it's just so tiring to do it, even though I know if you do it you get the reward. Also, I'm happy I get the reward, but I don't enjoy doing the work for it. Work doesn't HAVE to be fun, but that would definitely make my rating go up to 5/5. Where I know the reward is fun as itself, I would still like to enjoy/not complain while playing pokefarm. Another thing is that I'm losing motivation to play and participate. And this has nothing to do with currencies (ZC, GP, etc) but I just get kinda... bored nowadays. I can't give you a fully understandable reason, but I think the one thing that keeps me lingering here is the scour missions, because if you wait for an hour you have a chance at getting a reward, and it's just so fun exploring new items and such. But hatching eggs and breeding seem to disinterest me. Mainly because you wait for clicks, and when it hatches, you get a fancy little stone, and then what happens? I'm currently breeding Litten/Vulpix, and other Pokemon, but it just seems to become disinteresting and I lose motivation to do so. Mainly because it's just so much clicking, and I do understand that this is a clicker game, and it's a GREAT clicker game, but just starting to get disinteresting. I know I have repeated that word many times, but really, interest is fading because there is not much excitement after it happens, like "You only appreciate what you get, but not when you actually have it" or something like that. After they hatch, what is there to do? Sure there are battling/training, scour, etc. But I would like to see something that is eye-catching and at least 90% of the time with willingness to do it, although I can't lay my finger on what exactly that'd be. Overall, I'd just like the game to spice up more interest and encourage more motivation. I can explain more, but this is all for now.

👍 7👎 3

Niet replied: 14/Jul/2017 09:52:18 (3 years ago)

Thank you for your feedback. Overall, PFQ does try to encourage you to make your own objectives. You could adopt a wide variety of Eggs to complete your PokéDex, or hatch a bunch of the same one to try and get variants (Shiny, Albino, Melanistic). Or you can collect Gems to upgrade your badges. There are so many choices, it doesn't feel right putting any single "you must do these things" line of objectives. That being said, we are working on providing some more interesting events. Tournaments are all well and good, but we can do better :)

PuuLady: "Good as it ever was, sorta."★★★☆☆

Posted: 06/Jul/2017 06:27:35 (3 years ago)

I remember the old days of Pokefarm. Back when it was a fad. But much like Pokemon GO, things run their course and lose a lot of steam. Pokefarm is one of those things. However, it has become a lot more refined, and although some of the rules/limitations I don't agree with (seriously with the locked transfers....ugh.) and the community a little more...well...than before (Oh my god, so many snowflakes, what is this? Tumblr?!), it is still a good time waster.

👍 11👎 19

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