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We welcome our players to provide their feedback on PokéFarm Q. Good or bad, your opinion matters! So please, speak your mind. We look forward to hearing from you.

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carrot59: "im being honest here."★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 22:38:32 (6 years ago)

best pokemon website i've played so far. though i don't like interacting a lot, that's not the sites problem. the only thing is that the fields only hold so much, then we have to buy new fields which eventually gets credit consuming. 40 pokemon max per field is a good limit, but the price for a new field grows. still, awesome site nevertheless. creative pfq exclusive pokemon and megas too. except mega dragonite i would recommend this site to anyone.

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Sôñmårïçö: "Great :3"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 22:25:26 (6 years ago)

A very fun, addictive game that I have put many hours into lol

👍 7👎 0

PokecraftCat: "My Favorite Pokemon Site!"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 22:25:06 (6 years ago)

Honestly, this is one of LITERALLY the best internet Pokemon sites that I have visited. The community is active and welcoming, the mods are helpful and kind and do their jobs very well. The game itself is near to exactly what I look for in a Pokemon community. It's a nice blend of Pokemon collecting and hunting, but very open ended and with a wonderful, active forum for RPs, Trading, discussion and more. I love the PFQ exclusives, especially the megas. They really do feel 'canon', unlike many sloppy Fanmons I've seen on other sites. (I want your Mega Ninetales to be real so badly!) The Exclusives that are entirely original (not fusions or alternate forms) feel very real and well-thought out as well. The clicking mechanic is fresh, balanced and well-thought out. The only thing is that you have to have extra time, like PLENTY of time if you wan't to complete events or charge an albino radar. As someone who is very busy in real life, it's frustrating to have to miss events and such because I don't have big chunks of time to devote to clicking. This is why I would love it if we could have more events (and such) where instead of having to do thousands of clicks all at once, you have to do a few hundred or a couple thousand each day for many days. This is more dedication based as opposed to just being based on sheer stamina. All in all, I really do love this site, I just find the massive amounts of clicks needed to stay on top of things very frustrating. Huge thanks to the mods, the graphics team, the staff in general. You guys are truly amazing to devote your time towards working on this amazing site. I hope it's always just as welcoming, friendly and fun as it is now! <3

👍 14👎 0

Galactic Joltik: "Fields"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 22:17:18 (6 years ago)

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The fields are great, but I don't believe there is a way to lock a field so only you can see. Correct me if I am wrong.

👍 1👎 7

Niet replied: 07/Jan/2017 22:21:44 (6 years ago)

I can indeed correct you :) Click on the three-lines menu at the bottom-right of the Field you want to show/hide, and select the option to toggle visibility.

RavynHeart: "Needs better tutorial but overall fun game"★★★★☆

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 22:09:23 (6 years ago)

I really like the game and its rather addictive and interesting but I do think there is a lot of thing that could be worked on such as better explaining ALL of the features in the tutorial. I didn't know tournaments existed until I found the sign up. I had to figure out what pokerus was and how it worked by myself. granted these weren't excruciatingly hard to discover but I still think the should be included in the tutorial.

👍 12👎 1

SleepyThursday: "3Rd best game, by hours."★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 22:08:22 (6 years ago)

I usually rate video games by the amount of hours you spend playing it, and this is in very close contention with oblivion and diablo 2 for first place. I look forward to new features keeping my interest for some time to come.

👍 0👎 1

NightmareVixen: "PokefarmQ is more restricted than Pokefarm"★★☆☆☆

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 22:06:43 (6 years ago)

Features previously available for free are now pay to get. There's nothing to really do, despite art at the landing page giving off a different vibe than just being a clicking site. Shinies are ridiculously restricted to 'free' members. Half of the tournaments are also unfair to free members. Clicking is an unrewarding chore, giving out little money to get anywhere. It's all monotonous and repetitive.

👍 32👎 67

Niet replied: 07/Jan/2017 22:16:01 (6 years ago)

We're sorry to hear that you feel this way regarding the site. I'd like to understand more specifically what you are referring to, especially with regards to alleged "paywalled" features. Please feel free to send me (or Garthic) a PM to discuss this further and hopefully clear up any misunderstanding. But as a general note, I'd like to point out that (almost) everything in this game can be traded, even items that can normally only be bought for premium currency. Even the premium currency itself can be traded! We actively encourage our users to play to their strengths and utilise our lively trading areas to compensate for areas where they might struggle. PokéFarm Q is designed to be a social game, where everyone helps each other out.

Aegiis: "Awesome Pokemon Fan Game!"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 22:05:14 (6 years ago)

Pokefarm Q is an awesome Pokemon fangame. I've played other Pokemon fangames and overall this one is the best. The sprites for gen 6 and up look amazing! They look so real, so good job graphics team! The exclusives and fakemon are also awesome, and look like real Pokemon. The ideas of summon items, scour missions, and PFQ's own mega stones are a great addon to the game. Overall, Pokefarm Q is a really addicting and fun game! ^v^

👍 8👎 0

LUXRUMBRE96: "one of the best fan games"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 22:01:49 (6 years ago)

This is an awesome site to play on. There are so many new features that aren't in the actual games, there are exclusive mega pokemon, pokemon that were created specifically on the site, and 2 other variants. Instead of just having the normal pokemon and shiny pokemon there are also Albinos and the melanistic pokemon. There are also some of the best things that are in the game on the site, like wonder trading, daycares, and growing berries. It's also a great way to introduce people to the new generations of pokemon if they either couldn't play the games past a certain game, (Say if the last game they could buy was pokemon black)including some of the new pokemon from the Alola region. This would also be a way to get an "Old fashioned" pokemon fan into the newer generations :) There are a lot of things to be discovered as well. And if a user ever needs help the community on this site is very friendly, and almost always willing to help somebody out. It's proven to be the best community on a website that I've seen. The people will keep talking to you, if you're both interested, and you can make new friends.

👍 5👎 0

Killjøy: "Pokefarm Q: 6/5 stars"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 22:01:21 (6 years ago)

I have been a Pokefarmer for over 6 years now which is pretty crazy, but pretty much sums up why Pokefarm Q gets a 5 star review. I always manage to get sucked back into this world. Not only is the main premisis of the game addictive and unique, there is always something to do- if you get bored of the interacting, why not check out the forums? Don't like the social stuff?- Hatch them all and seek out rare Pokemon and treasures. The other players and staff are always friendly and are all very talented- I love seeing everyone's art and coding skills! Finally, I can't think of a better way to procrastinate all my responsibilities and work..!

👍 8👎 0

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