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We welcome our players to provide their feedback on PokéFarm Q. Good or bad, your opinion matters! So please, speak your mind. We look forward to hearing from you.

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dÒÓdledØqqØ: "Best Game Ever!"★★★★★

Posted: 14/Jan/2017 19:20:56 (7 years ago)

This is the best Pokémon game I've ever played. You can harvest berries, change formes, change eggs, trade items, make friends, hatch Shinies/melans/Albinos, sell stuff, you name it, because I could go on and on. The game is a little glitchy of course, it could use a bit of tweaks, but honestly, keep up the good work! Fix some stuff, add some things, keep it up! I feel so grateful that the mods, Niet, and Garthic pulled his together. Without PokéFarmQ, I'd be nothing.

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DÅgrowa: "Really fun to play"★★★★★

Posted: 14/Jan/2017 14:35:54 (7 years ago)

**CLEARS THROAT** PFQ is a great game to have fun on. If I were to list ALL the reasons I like it we would be here for a long time. But to save everyone time I will list the most important points about why this is such a great game: -Unlike other games I have played, the Mods do their jobs well. They genuinely care about what people have to say and resolve reports quickly and efficiently. I like the Moderator applications as it gives people everywhere a chance to be a Mod whereas in other games the creator would choose their closest friends. Everyone 18+ can apply meaning there is no potential biased aboput whether they are friends or not. -Many people have been suggesting to have fun in this game you need money, however I disagree. There are so many features to try out without Zophan. You can still do the same things although maybe differently. Many people say they cant shiny hunt without Zophan but I feel when you finally do find a shiny, albino or melan it adds to the exhileration as it was harder to find. In game purchases aren't required to have fun. -The designs of Fakemon and Megas are flawless. Their designs are really good and you really get that pokemon feel from them. The PFQ pokemon seem well designed and well thought out as if they were actual Pokemon. -I really like scrolling throught the shelter and finding (way too many alolan vulpixes) new Pokemon to complete my dex. Although clicking reload for ages may seem rather tedious it all pays of when you find that one pokemon you need. On regular occasions I have found many legendaries and LVL 100's. Will definetly tell my friends about it and continue playing! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

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timmc94: "I'm not sure why, but I like it"★★★★☆

Posted: 14/Jan/2017 13:13:33 (7 years ago)

When a good friend of mine first told me about the site, I was excited to try it... but when I discovered what it actually was, I was disappointed. After playing for a bit though, I've found I do really enjoy it; I just must admit, I have no clue why I do as the idea of just clicking on Pokémon to level them up and collect them for nothing other than viewing and bragging rights does not sound appealing at all to me. Despite all that, I do really like Pokéfarm... but don't ask me why, because I honestly couldn't tell you. As far as the site and its staff are concerned, Pokéfarm is an excellent example of how to run a site that has its own community like this; the staff seem very responsive and genuinely interested in the site as a product, and it shows. I wasn't a part of the old site, but watching the Recode really showed me how much work has been put into the site and how much dedication is behind it. Obviously there's room for improvement, as with everything, and I get that it's definitely not for every Pokémon fan out there... but I really do like it, and I'm grateful to the staff for creating and maintaining this fun place to click/tap around on for a bit each day. -- Rating adjusted by user's request -- After some thought and being contacted by Niet, I've decided my rating didn't match up with my review. Being contacted by the creator of the site showed me once more that the staff at Pokéfarm really care about what they've made and the community that has formed here, which in my opinion is an extremely positive thing for any product or service. I think my draw to this site is mainly for the sense of community and the care the admins put into it (as well as the obvious, being that it's Pokémon themed) as well as how strangely fun and addicting it is to have an extremely relaxed and casual experience to calm down with after a frustrating and/or busy day. I look forward to seeing how this site continues to grow in the future!

👍 7👎 1

Cordelia G: "It's pretty good"★★★★☆

Posted: 14/Jan/2017 12:13:20 (7 years ago)

It's kinda hard to navigate your way around when you first join, but you get the hang of it. I really like it though, it's fun. I wish it had it had battles or something, that would be interesting. But over all, it's really good.

👍 3👎 1

Suvichan: "Good game"★★★☆☆

Posted: 14/Jan/2017 04:44:02 (7 years ago)

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Good game but should also add pokemon battles and exploring new regions.Instead of shelter there could be an exploring tab where we could catch pokemons.

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Niet [Adam] replied: 14/Jan/2017 12:20:09 (7 years ago)

Thank you for your review, but I must admit to being confused. You say our game is good, then say we should just be like every other game that already exists? Whatever happened to creativity and uniqueness? Anyway. Battling is being worked on, as a side feature, but it will take some time. As for exploring, I doubt it. This is a social game, not an RPG... Hopefully this clears that up. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss this further.

xXShadeXx: "Very nice and great game, but it could use fixes"★★★★☆

Posted: 14/Jan/2017 01:32:58 (7 years ago)

I'll have to say that I enjoy this little site. I started off playing before this recode had happened. Sure I stopped for a while, but when I came back, it was just as enjoyable as I remember it being. There's loads to do for collectors with the addition of melan and albino hunting. The community is very good. A lot better when it comes to other site communities that I've seen. Even not communicating, it's very easy to keep yourself busy with this here site/game of yours. I can't remember the last time I went a day without checking in on here to talk with friends, do my dailies, or attend to trade threads. BUT. This game, despite how fun it is, it really could use some fixes, which I'll list on the bottom. Daycare and shelter. I'll explain how this goes hand in hand. It's unfair and very tedious that you can only adopt 1 egg per day (two if you have HM), before you have to fish out your currency to have to buy DC passes just to be able to get more. Now I'm a paying user, so I get the discounts, and the 500gp every month and all, but it's not enough. Yes, shiny/albino/melan hunting is expensive. But most currency you make selling extras has to go right back into the daycare to buy these expensive packs. 600gp for 1 60 dc pack is ridiculous. How does this go hand and hand with the shelter? Well I'll tell you how. First, do you remember the overbreeding we had in the previous years of Rattata, either Snivy or treeko (can't remember which), and almost Furfrou? Well, it made it very hard for others shiny hunting to find the eggs they were looking for. Especially if they were one of few hunting said pokemon. This could be fixed if you only showed one of each species of eggs in the shelter instead of multiples. It doesn't make much sense because we can only grab one egg per page before having it refreshed for us. You could do that, OR you could change that we can choose how many eggs we can release into the shelter. Now, I remember going to the rejected suggestion threads and seeing this was asked for, but it was denied. Now the reason, correct me if I'm wrong, it was rejected was because it'd be easier for PFQ variants to be hunted. Which...makes no sense. If the rate of getting one is still low, as well as eggs are still released after 24 hours, that would not make it easier to get. Not everyone can afford to continue paying to adopt from the Daycare. On one of my hunts, I released over 1200 eggs in a short time, and it still took for other players to start hunting before any started to appear in the shelter (which was close about a week later). Lack of organization of PMs. I don't know about you, but I'd love to be able to organize my PMs. I thought that sense it was changed that we no longer had a limit, would make it nicer. Well...not really. I like keeping things organized, and it's very hard to do that when you constantly get messages of people begging for things from you, or just mindless trivial things that's considered spam. Yes, we can just report them to you, but that still leaves our inboxes cluttered. Yes, as you being mods, I'm sure you get messages daily. But, we normal users who conduct business and others who have valuable things on their account, gets constant spam. I've lost countless messages of people wanting to conduct business in the future when I'd acquire something, or start a hunt, and I can't find them. Not everyone can just up and remember everyone who wants something (specially those with memory problems, and I happen to be one of them). Like, if we could get folders or something to help keep things nice and organized. Or if we were to delete PMs, they'd go into an archive or something so you mods can still keep an eye on things if needed. Well...some of the staffs' attitudes could be fixed. I've heard from friends and others that there has been some major improvement in the attitude of staff members. I know it's hard to be kind and reasonable when people blow their tops (I'm no angel and I know I could be a bit unreasonable at times), but that's still no reason to be super snarky in response to those who are ticked off. I haven't had any negative interaction with any of you, but I've heard and seen of a lot who have. There's some I don't excuse because they were way out of line, but others didn't deserve the snarky attitude that they got in return. Mods/Staff shouldn't be people that put plain fear and intimidation into their members. Making them afraid of asking questions, or just posting in the forums. You're there to keep order, and to make everyone feel that things are going to be running smoothly and problems will be fixed. When someone asks a question, of course we aren't going to be happy if we get either a snarky response, or more often a very sarcastic remark that makes it feel like we weren't smart enough to figure it out. Some things are harder for some people to get like others, please don't make them feel like they're stupid for not realizing the answer. Now this isn't really a complaint, but more so a question I have. With the addition of the market, and how Albino radars are now usually stocked, it leaves me, and I'm sure others, with millions of points saved up. As people who are as active as me or more, we easily make back the 100k points we spend to charge our radar back and more. So I was thinking it'd be nice to be able to sell/trade those points with others who can't click as often to get the points, or add like a little shop or something that we could spend the points on. I think that that may be all that I have to say for now. Besides what I mentioned, this is a great site. Fun and active community and all that. Just enough for you to just sit down for hours and waste the days away on. I hope you keep up the good work and I can't wait to see what other cool features you have in store for us. I'm looking forward to it all.

👍 7👎 0

Garthic [Jamie] replied: 14/Jan/2017 21:47:27 (7 years ago)

Thank you for your review! The reason that there are so few Daycare adoptions is, simply put, that if shiny hunters were allowed to adopt all of their eggs with no questions asked then there would be a much lesser population in the Shelter. This would defeat the purpose of the Shelter, in and of itself. There is also the Egg Supplier for personal egg collection. In regards to the rejected thread reasoning of "It would be easier for PFQ variants to be hunted"... If it doesn't make sense, chances are it's not true. Whilst that does stand true that is not a reason for outright rejection. As for organisation, I would like to note that the interesting thing here (little story time! :) ) is that the old system that we used to have for PMs was just a list of messages displayed in the order that you received them. Now the interesting thing about this is that we didn't have complaints about it... Whereas it is now more organised and people are complaining. I'm not saying by any means that it's wrong, by the by, I'm sure it can be improved in some way (but that's what the suggestions forum is for :P ). Now, that said - you mention that you have issues with remembering things. Fair enough! I would like to point out to you that there is a Notepad function, both on our website and on most devices, these days. For the next part, you don't really make sense, I'm afraid. You talk about staff attitudes and such. "Major improvement" - For the most part it's not that the people we have "improved", it's more that the problem-people were removed. (I'll leave that there. "Long story short", shall we say?) Thereafter you proceed to say how you have heard of issues from other people (this is known as "hearsay") but then proceed to state, "I haven't had any negative interaction with any of you" and then you double-back, only to solidify the point I'm making and state, "but I've heard and seen of a lot who have." Please do pardon my blunt question but... How is that fair? You have one side of the story, so to speak. Please do pardon the example, but that's like me hearing that you steal other peoples' artwork and thinking "Yeah, this person steals artwork" when it may not be true and I COULD have come to you for more information - but instead of doing that, I chose to just assume that you were in the wrong. That's not a nice thing to do, right? I'll also note that if these problems are to do with things that happened 2-3 years ago... That's also not fair. Since the huge changes occurred around that time. I'm not denying there were issues (the fact we HAD issues is the reason I'm now... Well, here :) ) and I never will deny that they were there. What I am saying is that there is a point where you should be acknowledging the past and asking "does this still apply?" rather than treating the past as though it is the present. That is unfair to the people that you are doing it to. You can't ask people to change (for the better, of course) and then when they manage to change, continue to hold the past against them. On top of all that, this is meant to be your review - not your review influenced by other people. In regards to the Interaction Points - the people who have lots of IP are actually the minority. Interaction Points themselves are not able to be traded by design - they're what we could refer to as a 'personal currency'. We're always open to suggestions however, so if you have any thoughts on what we could use IP for, please do feel free to throw a suggestion our way! :D We're glad that you enjoy the website and I'll close up this reply by saying "thank you" for the detailed review! :D

SaltyMissingno: "The game itself works, but paid players rule the economy"★★★☆☆

Posted: 13/Jan/2017 22:52:50 (7 years ago)

Positive: - Site is functional - Regular updates - Bonus counters are a nice feature - Site looks clean, artwork is nice - Tradeable premium currency Negative: - Daycare system - Some paywall - Repetitive gameplay - Market prices I will go into more detail for each of my negative points. First, the Daycare system. I find it unfair how you need to purchase Daycare Passes to adopt more than one egg per day, and how expensive they are. I was doing a shiny hunt with Daycare Passes, and I cannot fathom how selling shinys is profitable considering how expensive the passes are. To users that have all the shiny boosts you can buy with Zophan Canisters, it may not seem expensive. When you only have the PokeRadar+ to work with, the Daycare is a money pit and seems to be paywalled. Shiny hunters can adopt shelter eggs as an alternative, but they should not have to. Paying to adopt eggs from your own breeding pair does not seem right to me. I would like to see the price for Daycare Passes significantly dropped, or remove them alltogether. On a positive note, I do like how eggs are released to the Shelter after a day. This site does have a paywall. It is not the most extreme one I have ever seen, but it does exist. There are free alternatives to some things that require Zophan Canisters to purchase, like the PokeRadar+ for Hypermode, and Lucky Eggs for Super Lucky Eggs. Hypermode users receive free Gold Poke and summons every month, which as another reviewer pointed out seems very pandering towards paying players. The gameplay itself is not paywalled, but shiny hunting is. Shinys are one of the, if not the main thing people look for in trade shops and free-to-play players are considerably disadvantaged because of it. For non-paying players, they only have the PokeRadar+ and Sei's bonus to work with, while paying players have: Hypermode, Shiny Charms, Ubercharms, and Sei's bonus when it is active. It does not seem like a huge advantage, but I have done the math and the numbers should speak for themselves. At a chain of 35 with only the PokeRadar+, the chance of hatching a shiny is increased approximately 594 percent. With paid players, Hypermode allows them to chain to 40 which gives a 3,996 percent boost. There is already a huge difference between free and paid players. Let's factor in the Shiny Charm to the Hypermode percentage which doubles the chances, we're at 7,992 now. The Ubercharm doubles shiny and albino chances, so I multiplied 7,992 by 2 and this brings paid players up to a whopping 15,984 percent increase with all three paid shiny boosts. Paid players are approximately 26.9 times more likely to hatch a shiny with all paid boosts than a free player using the PokeRadar+ (if my math was done correctly). Even if my math is flawed, there is still a huge difference between a paid player and a free player's chances of hatching a shiny. I do agree paid players deserve some perks over free players, however the boosts given to paid players here essentially deny free players a good chance of making a considerable profit. Take a look through the trade shops in the forums and see how many are operated by Hypermode users. Repetitive gameplay does not need much explanation, all there is to do is click. It isn't bad if one can set their own personal goals, but for those that need some sort of achievement system it can get boring. The prices when selling through the Market system are absolutely ridiculous. I understand these prices are set by the players and are pretty much out of staff control, but it does not change how high they are. Users are setting their own currency conversion ratios and this may be a reason why prices are all over the place. Overall, the game itself works fine. If you get into the game's economics, it is highly biased towards paid players. The paywall could certainly be worse, but it is still built pretty high. As my title says, the game works fine but the economy is ruled by those who pay real money.

👍 21👎 3

Terubii: "Never gonna give mew up, never gonna let mew down~"★★★★☆

Posted: 13/Jan/2017 08:50:40 (7 years ago)

I've enjoyed the Pokefarm experience for the Pokemon hatching, events and community. It's quite possibly the only site I feel safe as an artist too. Because I don't often see people acknowledge where or who their used images are from on other sites I use. I like the awareness of art theft, and wish other sites adopted the rule too. Hypermode is grand; I think it's worth the money I paid, definitely. Tho I'm not making the most of it, the monthly goodies and shop discounts are nice. And it entices me to renew for next month. I feel the forums could improve somehow... but even if I say that I'm not sure what I think it should improve on or how. I mean only the trades and art section seem the most popular. Is there a way of encouraging a bit more participation or activity on other sections of the forums? Aside from that, I like it here. And look forward to the updates to come. I've introduced a few friends here, they didn't stay, but they didn't leave with a bad impression.

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vetsami19: "It's very good"★★★★★

Posted: 12/Jan/2017 22:26:24 (7 years ago)

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AbsolChan: "Lots of fun... except for mass clicking"★★★★☆

Posted: 12/Jan/2017 13:48:06 (7 years ago)

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