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We welcome our players to provide their feedback on PokéFarm Q. Good or bad, your opinion matters! So please, speak your mind. We look forward to hearing from you.

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ViviMorèna: "like,not like, recommend"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:22:57 (4 years ago)

Speaking as someone who's been here for the first Pokefarm and has made an opinion for the site for longer time now. I like the site a lot - I like the fact that those who are making it are looking for users' opinions and are actually bringing what users want to reality - and in moderation - not absolutely everything but not nothing at all. The navigation around is easy, the buttons and options are easy to access and understand for everyone. One of the few things I don't like is the background art - it's way too centered and invisible behind the panels. Another thing - that I loved about the first Pokefarm site - was the fully customizable shortcuts. After the Recode now we did get a similar option but not all options one might want to fit up there are possible. What I'd recommend for future development are a couple of things. First - when things like 12Days of Christmas are done it would be nice every tier's goal to have a reward worth the goal. I was puzzled by the single berry and box in the first days - and by how the way too high goal for the last day gave everyone who finished it something that did not match the effort required and was too luck based. The other thing would be to not limit too much things - for mobiles only, zc only or for certain countries. haven't seen much of these so far as examples but - let's say: the poke-walker - a version of it for the site would be practical - it would be good not to see such things. I'd also love to see more art and options to submit our own art for some pokemon. Over all I love PFQ and I spend here lots of my time but it still can use some improvements.

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Mil Mi: "My revirw"★★★★☆

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:20:47 (4 years ago)

I'm completely new to reviews so my apologises in advanced, I really like this game and can see why it's popular it's easy and a good way to learn about all the Pokemon since I'm a newbie to this but like i said I like this game and already made friend's and gained favourite Pokemon. Any problems or questions get solved quickly and the staff are lovely and I really enjoy the custom and sprite Pokemon i can't wait to see what other custom Pokemon i missed have a nice day P.s if you ever make sprite or custom Pokemon like the staff pictures I hope I get some as i love a little stary ninetail and sai's mighty hyena (the adorable one with the bow) as Pokemon Sorry for this weird review, you can see I'm new to this

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Gøøsë: "I love it"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:18:18 (4 years ago)

I've been on pfq since it started out, so I was on the original pf. So there's a few things that I miss. It'd probably be too much to add at this point, but I really miss seeing the Pokémon heritage. I liked seeing how many of the Pokémons eggs were hatched as shinies. I also remember at some point there was a vote for favorite Pokémon. Everyday some were eliminated. It was on the original site when I just started. That would be cool to see again if it wasn't already done. I also miss the layout of everything. I don't like how the farm page was changed, it took me a long time to adjust, but I still miss it. Other than that, I love everything else that was done to make this better than the original. I never miss a day and I can't wait to see what else is done on the site!

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Arualiaa: "I joined two months ago, and this feels like home."★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:16:31 (4 years ago)

This has got to be my all-time absolute favorite browser game, and I'm an avid gamer in the genre with very old Neopets and Gameforge accounts, who started playing Cookie Clicker when it was first released as a rudimentary beta and had played Candy Box and A Dark Room before that. All of these are wonderful games, no doubt, but there is something about Pokefarm that tells me I will be playing this game for as long as it runs. It just clicks (heh) all my buttons: the completionist in me craves to complete the Pokédex, the artist in me is encouraged by the community to create original content and pixelwork, which despite being into Pokémon for more than 10 years I had never considered, and I even get some oldschool forum nostalgia by getting to use BBCode again. There is no harsh penalization for not logging in every single day, as other games do, and the community is so kind and heartwarming it gives me fuzzy feelings to enter the chat. It's almost surreal. Everyone respects everyone else's pronouns, there is no negativity, and people treat children with respect. If I had kids I would feel 100% safe leaving them in this site unsupervised. I have been struggling with mental health for years, and this website has reminded me of those simpler times in the early 00s when the only thing kid me worried about was to commission art from my friends' 'shops' (they were free. we all dreamed of those mythical paypal accounts our parents had) so I could have a pretty signature, and to create long, formatted guides for new users to peruse. There were hardly any internet trolls, and children were safe talking to twenty year olds because the conversation topics never strayed into edgy territories and were always kept in a positive light. The internet needs more sites like Pokefarm.

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NOPEDESTROYER: "An Awesome Concept but could go way farther"★★★★☆

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:15:58 (4 years ago)

The idea of having these collection type things and amazing people that help you, but has plenty to improve on as a whole and that's amazing

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Dave Strider: "Lovely, Addicting Game"★★★★☆

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:14:23 (4 years ago)

I've been playing PokeFarm since I was around... 13 years old? So it has been a wild 4, almost 5 years with this game and the "brand" if you will. In this review, I will be talking about my time on PFQ, some struggles I have had, as well as triumphs I've discovered. Since joining PFQ in May of 2014, I have made quite a few friends, no enemies in my books, and have seen staff come and go. When I first joined, I was addicted to the point of clicking in to the wee hours of sunrise during the summer, trying to progress as fast as possible. I had no real tutorial or task goals to look at on what to do, so as I got more and more exhausted (which was MY fault), it became harder and harder to stay interested as collecting new eggs became challenging. When inviting friends, it became hard for them to stay interested in the game with the main goal being to collect as many unique Pokemon. Thankfully, with the recode and updates every few days or weeks, the website and game have become much more newbie friendly. It really helps to bring in some of my friends and have them enjoy this game with me. Spending my time on here, has been a wonderful investment for me and the few friends I have invited on over. Struggles that I have had were finding people to trade evolve with, talking to others, and staying interested. Now, this is my fault once again, but please hear me out. Since I was a wee pre-teen, it's hard for me to be confrontational and ask for things, it is part of who I am. I know many others suffer from that characteristic and find it hard to overcome, so personal messaging other users? Out of the question, for the longest of times! I would only interact with other players (interact as in messaging, and trading) when they approached me. It was shocking to see such a lovely community interact with little ol' me, but it was nice. Thankfully, I have seemed to overcome confrontation for the most part. Since I pretty much summed up my first two struggles, I'll move on to the last one I have had, which is staying interested. It has been a constant struggle for me to stay interested as a normal user. With school and other games, I encounter times where PFQ just is not fun anymore. Sure, the tasks can be fun, and it can be exhilarating unlocking new summons or the Shiny and Albino Radars, but then once it gets to hunting, the motivation stops. Especially if it is for Melanistic Pokemon (such a cool concept!), and I feel like maybe a tracking percentage for the chances of one should be in place somewhere. The percentage of chance for Shiny Pokemon has always helped me stay motivated, but now with hunts for Melanistics, it is a struggle to stay interested, unless there is a huge event. (Off Topic: I should probably look for any suggestions like this on the forum.) Overall, I have made a bunch of progress on this game since I joined PFQ (almost 3 years ago oh my gosh!). I have made acquaintances and friends, as well as watched reliable members turn into Staff. A lot of triumphs have come with being on the site for so long, such as unlocking Arceus's summon, hatching my first random shiny, and hatching my first hunted shiny. This game makes the users feel accomplished when they are rewarded, even if it is by a SMALL CHANCE! People congratulate them, possibly trade others gifts for their birthdays, and so much more. A triumph that PFQ has made in total is making the community less toxic. The original PokeFarm had a very toxic community, with members who felt cheated calling out staff members on a ludicrous things. Here, I feel safer as a user as I do not see this type of behavior anymore. The user-base in my opinion is so much nicer and more adaptive than it ever has been for the PokeFarm brand. So I congratulate the entire website for making that possible. This game, PFQ, has been a very great game for me and many other users. People make friends, meet significant others, and just grow bonds with people from around the world. I give it four of five stars, as I do not see it as perfect, it is very hard to be perfect, and I know that the Staff have a lot more to show to the users. I have experienced a very nice time on this website, and hope to stay on it for many years to come. Thank you for taking the time for reading this, no matter if you're a user or a staff member. There is probably more that I intended to write(type?), but I feel like it would be repeated points that I have already made. Again, thank you. :)

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Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:11:28 (4 years ago)

I love Pokefarm! It's pretty much my tertiary internet home. Honestly though, this is an amazing site.

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Karichu: "It's addicting"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:07:05 (4 years ago)

I had made an account back on PF1 and then decided to come back a few years later. I stopped for a while due to school and such, but picked back up a few months ago. Now I can't stop. I check pokefarm first thing in the morning, and it's the last thing I check before going to bed. I really enjoy the game, although sometimes when done clicking a party or a field some of the Pokémons are unclicked and I have to do it again. But I am glad the double tapping on mobile is fixed though!!

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lado1139: "Pretty fun site!"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:05:47 (4 years ago)

This site is awesome! The interaction system is genius and a great way to help others and help your own Pokémon level up when people clickback. Everyone is friendly, and the staff are very helpful! Thanks for making this site!

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KHSora64: "Insert why I like this site statement here. XP"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:05:22 (4 years ago)

I've enjoyed this site since the old one since I got invited by my friend. Also, I dunno what else to say. X3

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