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We welcome our players to provide their feedback on PokéFarm Q. Good or bad, your opinion matters! So please, speak your mind. We look forward to hearing from you.

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★★★★ 4.62
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Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:11:28 (2 years ago)

I love Pokefarm! It's pretty much my tertiary internet home. Honestly though, this is an amazing site.

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Karichu: "It's addicting"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:07:05 (2 years ago)

I had made an account back on PF1 and then decided to come back a few years later. I stopped for a while due to school and such, but picked back up a few months ago. Now I can't stop. I check pokefarm first thing in the morning, and it's the last thing I check before going to bed. I really enjoy the game, although sometimes when done clicking a party or a field some of the Pokémons are unclicked and I have to do it again. But I am glad the double tapping on mobile is fixed though!!

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lado1139: "Pretty fun site!"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:05:47 (2 years ago)

This site is awesome! The interaction system is genius and a great way to help others and help your own Pokémon level up when people clickback. Everyone is friendly, and the staff are very helpful! Thanks for making this site!

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KHSora64: "Insert why I like this site statement here. XP"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:05:22 (2 years ago)

I've enjoyed this site since the old one since I got invited by my friend. Also, I dunno what else to say. X3

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KyáiiChán: "Fabu"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:04:15 (2 years ago)

I had played the old PF for a good few years, and now have been playing this one for nearly four years. I've watched it grow and transform. I am quite openly addicted to this site, there's always something to do. I send full appreciation to all of the staff that have made it all possible. Keep up the good work guys. Much love xox

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Helly25: "A nice game with a few downers!"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:03:41 (2 years ago)

Hello :) I really like Pokefarm Q! It has improved much from the old one! But what I need to say: - Heck, I would probably buy Hypermode, if it weren't so expensive. I understand the need to pay the servers, but I just personally feel it's too much. ZCs and Hypermode are required for a rather many things, but I am not willing to pay 67,50 euros for one year. That's more than one year of Amazon Prime, and there I have unlimited music, many free movies and don't need to do a thing, as opposed to almost being forced to go around clicking like mad. I know it can't exactly be compared, but it feels off. Speaking of clicking, here's my next point: - Pokefarm is something I want to spend half an hour on daily, at most. Clicking is a monotonous duty that can be quite annoying. I really wanted a Premium Box on the last day of the 12 days of Christmas, but I simply didn't have the time to click more than 20.000(!) times. Often, I don't even manage to hit my personal goal on the Mass Click Weekend. Usually, my hand starts to hurt like hell after 1.000, simply because I've got chronical Arthritis (funny enough, young people can have that too..). Clicking is something you can't do much without. For example, right now I want to breed exclusives, and noticed that it seems as if there are no eggs being bred if you do not click. However, breeding pokemon is something I really want to do, and this kind of handicaps me. I would search for another game, but the art (especially the exclusives and megas) really draws me in. Those two are my main points, but I have a little wish that I hope can be granted in the far future: - I missed the PokeTransfer. You know, where you could transfer your old pokefarm to the Pokefarm Q. It's a secret dream of mine that this returns. If it does, this would bump my rating up to 4, because I had really nice pokes on there that I miss badly. :) That would be all I can think of right now, I hope you aren't angry at me for stating what I feel, it's not intended to be a personal attack. Thank you for taking the time to read through this!

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SystemSolar: "A Well-Beloved Site"★★★★☆

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:01:13 (2 years ago)

I have been a member of this community since PF1, where I joined around 2011 or 2012 probably. I've always enjoyed the site and the community, because it provides such a pleasant experience. You might think "oh, clicking can't be fun", but it is. It gives me something to do and it's a signature feature of most adoptable websites. I started this website as a little hobby, but now I've become fully invested in it, having spent so many years on both sites. My 2 year anniversary on PFQ is coming up, and that just shows that people can stay dedicated to such a fun, yet simple site. There are so many great features, from basic Pokemon functions such as trading to the site's own creations in the boosts (a la Niet interaction boost). The staff are also incredibly kind and I'm very thankful for that, as there been too many times I've joined a website, only to be greeted by mean or rude staff members. However, the site is not without its flaws, and that can be found in the various bugs, but those are to be expected. Overall, PFQ is an incredible website and it helps drive my passion for Pokemon. Thank you for so many great memories and a great time on both sites. It's very appreciated!

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ShinyPøkémans: "Awesome features and nice staff"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 20:00:09 (2 years ago)

This is a pretty cool site with lots of places to check out like the daycare, shelter, fields, and a whole lot more. Since Niet is still adding things the site is most likely going to get bigger and more popular. The staff are also pretty amazing people. They make sure to keep the site child friendly so everyone can enjoy it. They even sometimes interact with the users on the chat and well...Just chat with us. In my experience whenever I do something that is not right they send me a PM telling me so and they do it so kindly and when I get that I feel okay and realize my mistake. They make sure to be nice but still get there message through (I'm pretty sure I lost my point halfway through)

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LILLIE22: "pokefarm q"★★★★★

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 19:59:46 (2 years ago)

it's a very awesome site and fun for farmers and a very nice mod team who helps farmers with anything they need help on. signed, lillie22 a loyal farmer

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SleepyQueen: "Fun"★★★★☆

Posted: 07/Jan/2017 19:58:59 (2 years ago)

I really do love this site. Started back when it was just pokefarm.org, took a long break and came back, no everything has changed! Some for the better, like dex, gifting pokemon, tournaments, and bbc codes (the wishforge gem thing is great!). But I still miss the mass clicker site (i wonder if its gone for good) the actual maps for scours, the missions, and friending (like I know the VIP thing is on moon, but on here it's convenient but feels a little impersonal.). Also, is there a better way to buy the special items, because I have a hard time remembering where they all are...

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