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Roakore: "Mixed"★★★☆☆

Posted: 19/Jan/2017 00:47:23 (3 years ago)

Pros: +Ongoing work to make the site more user friendly +Fun events for the users +Addition of Daily Tasks Cons: -A lot of the good stuff requires ZC -The market listings are often SUPER MEGA overpriced for the items -The staff attitudes and responsibilities Explanations: The ongoing work of Niet to make the site more user friendly is great. I like looking at the updates and seeing how he constantly works to make his userbase happy. Sure a lot of this stuff comes kinda slow, but since he is the only coder for PFQ, that's fair enough. I especially love the open all function, as well as how easy it is to click in the fields. Niet works to make fun and engaging events for his userbase, though the MCW sometimes seems boring to me. I like more variety in the prizes than just a PFQ megastone exclusive. That however is just me, I know that a lot of work goes into those and most people love them! The last christmas event was a lot of fun, and the prizes were great since non-paying players could get premium items for just meeting the interaction goals. Not a lot of sites would do this for non-paying players. Now I am not a heavy player here. But the addition of the Daily Tasks was a very nice touch. It helped make those that can't play that much feel a little better thanks to the rewards they can get from tasks that don't rely on clicking someone several thousand times for a small payout. Or on luck (love my free gold poke!) that you would need when opening treasure boxes. Now I know that the site runs on money, and you get ZC from that money, but since a great deal of players can't use RL money, they have to devote a lot of time here to get something of enough value to snag some ZC. That in and of itself isn't all that bad, but allowing people to price their own ZC ratio values to the other currencies is the big problem. I have seen shops that are very fair and reasonable. Then there are shows that blow the prices SKY high. Yes the idea of a free control over that is good in theory, but think of it this way. When someone is fair with the price of their ZC, most will go to them. Then all that is left once they are out of ZC are the ones selling it for atrocious amounts. It makes both searching for it tedious and depressing. I know of a lot of people that don't even bother to look even though they have plenty of gold poke to buy with. I know I saw that moderating prices or ratios would destroy the freedom and impose the sellers to just post at the cap but there should be another alternative. Market is full of over priced items. I mean, I have seen simple evolution stones for 10,000 credits. Like really? Sure only the desperate will ever by at prices so crazy, it makes people compete a little too much. "Oh this person is selling theirs for 11,000. I don't wanna get less than that because I have no idea how much this really is worth." So the prices just stay way out of reasonable prices. I don't really know how this can be fixed but plenty of people just avoid looking at the market right now because they know if they actually do see something they want or need, it will be way out of their price range. Staff attitudes have literally been all over the wall. I have seen them respond with incredible courtesy during hostile situations, then flip the switch on something much more docile. I don't really know what the pattern is, but I have witnessed it several times during my short time here. There is also a smugness among a small handful of the mods. The impression I get from them is "Well I don't like what you say, and I disagree with you. Being a mod means I am right." Now I know I could be very very wrong there, but that is how it comes off. And I certainly am not the only one to notice. I know Niet says they this issue is much better than before, but I am not so sure... Also, I have noticed that Mods seem to not be doing their full responsibilities in the forums. Its kind of a mess in certain areas and no mod intervention came in a responsible amount of time. No they aren't perfect but I know if they had been more attentive in certain areas, they could catch the problems much faster. Well that's my two cents.

👍 38👎 1

Bryianna88: "A Decent Fan-Run Site"★★★★☆

Posted: 18/Jan/2017 16:02:54 (3 years ago)

While not perfect this community has shown through the years and made it's place among fansites. With the recent recode done this site has a lot going for it when it comes to player suggested content and encouraging social interactions. With clans and shops galore it is a hub for creators, fans, and casual players alike. While still not fully complete on restoring all the recodes I see a even bigger future for this site, it's creators and it's community.

👍 5👎 0

LilFin101: "pokefarm q is the best"★★★★★

Posted: 18/Jan/2017 11:05:06 (3 years ago)

pokefarm q is the most used thing in my browser and I hardly ever close it good job staff and other players for making this a great game

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Harmwilly: "a slow paced, yet fun pokemon game!"★★★★★

Posted: 18/Jan/2017 00:20:00 (3 years ago)

I quite like how thia game is pretty slow-paced/. Most pokjemon game Ive played are fast paced and difficult to keep up with. I lov ehow slow paced this is. Ill list some pro's and con's Pro's - the artwork is amazing! - the staf is way more interactive than on most games! - You can interact with EVERYONE - You can hold a ton of pokemon in your fields - The fakemon are amazing, and wonderfully designed - The pokedex is easy to navigate - The shelter is a wonderful feture, it helps with completing the pokedex! Con's - The release of pokemon from new games(S/M) is a bit slow - The egg supplier isnt as good as a feture until you getmore pokemon in your dex - The shelter doesnt usually end up with a to of newly found pokemon (this is NOT the fault of the staff)

👍 8👎 0

SuzakuRyan: "Simply the Best"★★★★★

Posted: 17/Jan/2017 18:23:14 (3 years ago)

The best Game ever

👍 4👎 2

PYTHIOS: "Alright"★★★★☆

Posted: 17/Jan/2017 09:06:15 (3 years ago)

First and foremost, I'd like to say that I'm generally not a biased (meaning I'm usually looking into both/more sides to something than just one), but my opinions are incredibly strong (meaning I can be hard to sway when I think of something). I don't usually favour things nor do I disfavour them or any particular reason without knowing the entirety of what's going on first. That said, I... actually really like PFQ. As someone who's played Pokemon their entire life, I can safely say that PFQ will kinda be my "go-to" for online Pokemon stuff (when it comes to games, anyway). I started when my friend accidentally introduced me by posting a link on their Quotev (cliche, "quotev users are lame and there are too many," I know, I know), but without them posting that link, I probably wouldn't have found out otherwise. I even recommended it to a few of /my/ other friends, who actually liked it! Even my younger brother got into, but he's hardly ever on, but that's not the point. Point is, the site is really lovable and that's a very good thing. However, there... are some problems, in my opinion. I'll cover the basic pros and cons, first. PROS - The artwork is A+ quality. - The staff is (mostly) nice, save some snarky stuff (though I'm a snarky person, myself, so I don't mind it/am desensitised). - The site is designed beautifully (mobile & computer wise; I use both and it works relatively well on both). - The albinos/melans are an amazing feature! (As someone who would actually hunt for them, that is...) - The community, from what I've seen, is mostly very nice and welcoming. (Save for a few rotten eggs, but I'm not going to blame a majority for a minority's actions). CONS - A lot of stuff is... slow and boring at times. - The aforementioned paywall (which I won't cover, since it's been covered a few times over and my opinion on that has already been stated by those who have mentioned it). - Shinies, albinos, melans aren't really... fun. (I'll go more into detail later on down the post). - Some other stuff that I can't label in a few short words, but will talk about later on. Let's start with the cons, since it'll be easier to get the bad stuff out of the way, allowing the pros to help... er "recover" the post and pick it back up in a happier light. First off, a lot of times the game can get a bit slow and repetitive. It's been said to death (or maybe it hasn't and I'm only noticing it whenever I look around), but I think it can get a bit... I dunno, boring. For example, even clicking quite a bit (most of it mass clicking, at that), it can be hard to accumulate and keep credits. That's not to say that stuff is wildly overpriced (though there may be some things I'm missing), it's just saying... credits are supposed to be the "least valuable" currency and when it's so hard to get them (again, clicking quite a lot + most of it mass clicking fields with large amounts of Pokemon), then it's... not really worth it? Bar trading, it can be kind of a hassle to get a good amount of credits (especially for someone who's saving up to buy a large amount of stuff/something that costs a lot, like a ditto egg that everyone and their mother seems to want if they don't already have). I know interacting and being social is the point of the site, but for some people, that can extend to a lot of things and like for some, it can simply be clicking and getting clicked back. Trading, again, is another thing I mentioned and I know it can be considered the "point" of the site as it falls under being social and interacting, but there's largely not a point to trading credits when you can get GP or ZC. I'm not saying credits are useless completely, but if there's not a stable way to get them, then it doesn't seem like there's a point to them. Lots of interacting + clicking = low amounts of credits = zero point in having those credits, which I've said to death in this post. On the bright side, the credits can be used for buying fields and in the market, so that's good! Still, if it's hard to get them, then it can also be hard to use them. I read a suggestion for an Amulet Coin type of feature in the suggestions earlier tonight, but I can't find it now... I think it's a genius idea, though! I think the majority of people wanted it to be like an EXP share, but for credits and I think that'd be kinda cool, so I'd support it if I could find it again. Next, the shiny/albino/melan thing. As someone who wants to collect all the variations of my favourite Pokemon, it comes as a hassle that I have to spend months upon months trying to get even just a shiny, which (if I'm understanding correctly), isn't that rare when compared to an albino or melan Pokemon (but very rare when compared to a normal Poke). While that can be seen as a good thing and meant to give the player a sense of reward, it can also be a bad thing. The way games work, if the player doesn't get enough reward to keep them coming back, then... they won't waste their time. It's how basically /all/ games are made; the player goes through something rigorous and they get rewarded handsomely, they keep playing, run into another situation that causes them trouble, then they get rewarded after they beat the problem. And with PFQ and shinies, it... doesn't feel like a reward if you can't even /get/ the shiny in the first place. The system is fine, hell, maybe it's just me and RNG not getting along, (speaking of troubles with rng, don't even get me started on scour finds, which have been largely disappointing despite having the max amount of boosts and slots) but... I dunno, it just doesn't seem like enough? I tried a Phantump hunt that went on for awhile (a few months, whereas some other people around me didn't spend as much; I even found someone who had found a melan Pokemon they wanted within /two (2) weeks/, which is really ridiculous!) and it never panned out, so I just... didn't see a point in keeping it going. I got into hatching eggs from the shelter that I hadn't registered before and that was fun as it took away from the frustration I had toward my failed hunt, but... it still didn't feel right to me. I wanted to try another hunt and here I am, doing an Eevee hunt with high hopes. Alas, nothing so far. On the bright side, I will feel largely accomplished when I do hatch a shiny Eevee, but... if it doesn't happen for months upon months while other people keep popping them out like it's a factory, it just feels largely... unfair? And like I said, boring. I try to click quite a bit, too, to hatch eggs faster, but it can be a bit troubling sometimes due to bad internet on my part. Point is, it just feels really... wrong? The system is fine with how it works, but to see people getting shinies and even albinos and /melans/ within weeks while I'm working months with no success, that's what feels wrong to me. Now until I think of anything else that strikes my mind, I'll get onto the pros of this review. Firstly, I really like the designs of the different types of variants/fakemon/megas/etc. The colours generally work well and the designs themselves are really good. Props to the art team for doing so well! You guys are amazing. I particularly like the albinos, as I'm really into the light colours/mix of red and although some of them look a little weird (can't name any off the top of my head, I just know some rubbed me the wrong way), I actually really like the look of a good majority of them! Same for the melans; they all look so... I dunno, polished? I know some may be older as the site is kinda/not really old, but I still do like the colours they use, though I'm aware some may need work. The artwork for stuff in general is really nice and I'd like to thank everyone on the art team for working so hard to do stuff that they've been doing. I particularly like the art that shows up on summary pages of some Pokemon; it doesn't have an entirely realistic look, but I like the look it's going for! It actually tickles me that it looks like that as some of them (haunter and gengar, particularly) really kinda spooky, while others (hoppip and shooting star cleffa are good examples) catch the cute vibe that the Pokemon are going for; if that was intended (and I kinda believe it was) then good job! You've certainly done what was intended and I can't wait to see more art in the future. (Also I'm really into the mega designs, like you don't even know, I could go on for hours about them, especially Mega Mightyena, Mega Floatzel, and Mega Luxray). Now about the site and staff. The site itself is actually quite beautiful when viewing it with the normal skin, but I also like that it has the ability to change skins to whatever the user pleases. I currently have a dark skin that I put together on a lazy day and it works quite well! I don't usually see flaws in it when viewing it on computer or mobile, so the site itself is designed for both of them in a way that makes it very pleasing to use on both platforms; I'm happy about that as I can't always be on my computer and it makes it feel more welcoming to use it on mobile in a way that most sites try to capture, but can't actually get close enough to. Props for that! Now about the staff, who I have... kinda mixed opinions about. Like I said, they're incredibly welcoming with a bit of snark to them. I can usually appreciate snark and sarcasm as those are the only two ways that I speak most of the time. However, there are some problems with that and younger users. Some young users might not be able to take either of those well and while some may, it's... not really good to assume that everyone will. I know adding it gives the staff some sense of humanity and not the "beep boop i am a robot" feeling, but I'd just be very wary about it if I were you guys! Aside from that, I've noticed that staff is very amiable and welcoming and as someone who is generally on the fence about people, it's very pleasing to see that staff are trying to come off as humans instead of corporate robots! It's nice to see members of staff interacting with the community as it doesn't normally happen in most places; I feel it makes PFQ seem less like a community and more like a family, which makes me very happy to see! Most sites are very professional and while it is a good thing to be professional, it is also a good thing to be yourself and not someone who only acts like they're professional 100%; it's nice to see that the staff can be themselves. The community, while not going to sway me to view one way or another, is incredibly welcoming and human as well. Like with the staff, it's nice to know that there are good people on here and it's also nice to know that they're more than likely to help other people who may need it. It also helps that the community itself is a "very involved" type of community, again, like a family (except I only rarely get mad at this family, but that's another story for another time). I imagine having an incredibly involved community helps staff quite a bit, too as they can report issues easily that staff may overlook without realising, help answer questions, and just generally take a lot of work away from staff so that they can work on more important things such as improving the website as a whole. And that is largely a good thing in my opinion as it makes it easier to interact with people in the community as you get to see secondhand if it's worth getting involved or not; this is a good thing because it gives someone an opinion on the community from the first few threads/posts/profiles/what have you that they read. However, I am willing to note that there are some really bad eggs (not that I've noticed personally, at leas not before they've been caught) and they can be a bit of a problem. While, again, they won't make me change my review to one star option or another, they are incredibly noticeable whether they mean to be or not. It's good to know that staff can usually catch them, but the few that staff can't could pose as a huge problem, so I understand it's up to the community to try to report the ones that "fly under the radar" so to speak, but... really, if I'm honest, some members of staff are largely intimidating at times with their snarkiness/sarcasm/etc and that doesn't really help the problem sometimes. While, again, the staff is nice most of the time, for people who aren't entirely used to approaching people like that, or those who have anxiety or other issues, it can be hard to report individuals like that. While I haven't noticed any myself, I'm just pointing out potential problems that could arise should someone get into that situation. Unless there's anything else I think of, this is pretty much my review as a whole. If you somehow managed to make it through my grossly descriptive and somewhat lazily worded review, then I'm proud of you! Have a cookie. *Flings bags of cookies into the air.*

👍 9👎 0

ConstantlyHungry: "Great game!"★★★★★

Posted: 15/Jan/2017 19:32:54 (3 years ago)

I love this game so much! I hop on every day to check on my Pokemon. I've recommended it to a few of my friends, and i'll continue to recommend it! Keep up the great work! :D

👍 5👎 1

Audreen: "Love"★★★★★

Posted: 14/Jan/2017 19:30:58 (3 years ago)

Probably one of my favorite games online. Actually, the only online game I play. I know there are a lot of pokemon clicking/interactive websites but this is by far my favorite. I feel that this one makes the most sense and I've also been playing since pokefarm.org The only thing I'd say is once you get all the pokemon that are easier to find in the shelter, it kind of becomes a hassle because I spend way too much time looking for new eggs.

👍 4👎 0

dÒÓdledØqqØ: "Best Game Ever!"★★★★★

Posted: 14/Jan/2017 19:20:56 (3 years ago)

This is the best Pokémon game I've ever played. You can harvest berries, change formes, change eggs, trade items, make friends, hatch Shinies/melans/Albinos, sell stuff, you name it, because I could go on and on. The game is a little glitchy of course, it could use a bit of tweaks, but honestly, keep up the good work! Fix some stuff, add some things, keep it up! I feel so grateful that the mods, Niet, and Garthic pulled his together. Without PokéFarmQ, I'd be nothing.

👍 4👎 0

DÅgrowa: "Really fun to play"★★★★★

Posted: 14/Jan/2017 14:35:54 (3 years ago)

**CLEARS THROAT** PFQ is a great game to have fun on. If I were to list ALL the reasons I like it we would be here for a long time. But to save everyone time I will list the most important points about why this is such a great game: -Unlike other games I have played, the Mods do their jobs well. They genuinely care about what people have to say and resolve reports quickly and efficiently. I like the Moderator applications as it gives people everywhere a chance to be a Mod whereas in other games the creator would choose their closest friends. Everyone 18+ can apply meaning there is no potential biased aboput whether they are friends or not. -Many people have been suggesting to have fun in this game you need money, however I disagree. There are so many features to try out without Zophan. You can still do the same things although maybe differently. Many people say they cant shiny hunt without Zophan but I feel when you finally do find a shiny, albino or melan it adds to the exhileration as it was harder to find. In game purchases aren't required to have fun. -The designs of Fakemon and Megas are flawless. Their designs are really good and you really get that pokemon feel from them. The PFQ pokemon seem well designed and well thought out as if they were actual Pokemon. -I really like scrolling throught the shelter and finding (way too many alolan vulpixes) new Pokemon to complete my dex. Although clicking reload for ages may seem rather tedious it all pays of when you find that one pokemon you need. On regular occasions I have found many legendaries and LVL 100's. Will definetly tell my friends about it and continue playing! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

👍 4👎 0

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