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Prof. Holly's Laboratory



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About PokéFarm


As you can see, this place is largely inhabited by creatures called Pokémon... though what we do here is a bit of an oddity.

Pokémon are usually seen as pets, or used in battle as a partner. Here on PokéFarm, our community is a place where you can care for and hatch your own Eggs, and raise them into powerful Pokémon! Interact with your friends to help raise their Eggs and Pokémon, trade for mysterious items to unlock the potential of your Pokémon, discover strange and unique Pokémon that only exist here, or go hunting for the rare and enigmatic Legendary Pokémon. The choice is yours!

We have a thriving community filled with Farmers looking to hatch, raise, and collect them all! What are you waiting for?

Characters you may meet


Name: Prof. Holly

Occupation: Pokémon Scientist

Age: 68 years

Pokémon: 3.png


Name: Prof. Laurel

Occupation: Pokémon Breeder

Age: 67 years

Pokémon: n.png


Name: Niet

Species: Absol

Age: 32 years

Role: Programmer


Name: Garthic

Species: Riolu

Age: 34 years

Role: Staff Manager


Name: Sally

Species: System Salamence

Age: 404 (Not Found)

Platform: Porygon v9.3


Name: Doug

Occupation: Merchant

Age: 27 years

Pokémon: x.png

About the Laboratory

Welcome to my Lab, Farmer! Did you have a question? Looking for a new Egg to add to your collection, perhaps? Or did you just want to talk? Feel free to stay a while, Monny and I love the company.

Oh, and please refrain from straying too far--I don't want you to disturb the Scientists!

In this section of PokéFarm, you can find many different species of Pokémon Eggs waiting to be adopted. If you meet certain pre-requisites, several other events may take place here, so be sure to visit often!

These Eggs should get you well on your way, but it is not the only way to get new Pokémon. Once you've progressed a little, try visiting the Fishing Hut to seek out some aquatic Pokémon.

Also there are numerous Variants. Some regional, some exclusive to PokéFarm. For example, Vulpix has an Alolan Forme. You will need to breed these Variants yourself, over in the Daycare, as they do not appear in the Lab.

Later still, you will be able to encounter Legendary Pokémon, though they will expect you to progress far into your journey before they will entrust you with their Eggs.

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