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quinn's free-to-use templates ☆

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hello! i'm faith / quinn i've been playing pf and making templates since 2011 when i was in middle school. this thread is really old! some of the templates here are super ugly but the newer ones are better because i've been at this so long. i hope you like and use them :) all templates/signatures listed and linked in the next post can be used by anyone and everyone without asking permission!
a lot of people post questions like "can i use this?" / "i'm gonna use this, if that's alright with you?" and you don't need to! just go for it
i dont offer custom templates, but i do sell art at stinky shop


1. all pokefarm rules apply 2. do not edit any of my coding without first checking with me 3. do not edit any of the templates' images / remove any credit 4. i am taking suggestions, but please don't post them in this thread! submit your freebie requests via the google form, linked on the next post
free to use, made by hamufuu on dA
♡ avatar by Manda ♡
quinn's Avatarquinn
quinn's Avatar


here's all the free-to-use templates & signatures i've posted ☆ this thread is years old, so i have improved significantly over time!! i highly reccomend looking towards the bottom for the better templates. my personal favorites are bolded!


US format
Pokemon link
[11/5/14] Seadra link
[11/7/14] Hoppip link
[11/8/14] Luxio link
[11/10/14] Jirachi link
[11/13/14] Ducklett link
[11/17/14] Duskull link
[1/31/15] [REQUEST BATCH 1] Zangoose, Combee, Cofagrigus link
[2/14/15] Cubchoo link
[2/21/15] Breloom link
[3/21/15] [SPRING BATCH] Spoink, Cherrim link
[4/6/15] Murkrow link
[4/18/15] Lunatone link
[6/1/15] [REQUEST BATCH 2] Dedenne, Fennekin, Togepi, Infernape, Nidoran F, Zorua link
[6/16/15] Rattata link
[6/29/15] Honedge link
[8/1/15] Reuniclus link
[9/20/15] Snivy link
[9/20/15] Shaymin (sky form) link
[9/23/15] Glaceon link
[9/24/15] Eevee link
[9/25/15] Froakie link
[10/11/15] Vivillon (monsoon) link
[10/24/15] Houndour link
[11/3/15] Floatzel link
[11/7/15] Noibat link
[11/22/15] Vivillon (icy snow) link
[7/27/16] [KANTO STARTER SET] Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle link
[8/2/16] Sylveon link
[8/12/16] Corsola link
[11/13/16] Flareon, Flareon link
[12/1/16] [SUN/MOON BATCH 1] Rowlet, Litten, Popplio link
[7/17/17] [SUN/MOON BATCH 2] Wishiwashi, Oricorio (pa'u) link
[8/1/17] Medicham link
[6/9/18] Caterpie link
[6/11/18] Vaporeon link
[7/22/18] Suicune link
[1/15/20] Sobble link
[1/17/20] Grookey link
[1/19/20] Scorbunny link
[3/13/20] Mew link
// // //


US format
Pokemon(s) link to post
[3/8/15] Dewgong link
[3/21/15] Roselia link
[3/29/15] Magcargo link
[6/1/15] Jirachi link
[6/29/15] Mareep link
[7/12/15] Swablu, Swablu link
[8/17/15] Persian link
[9/24/15] Eevee link
[9/27/15] Porygon2 link
[10/11/15] Vivillon (polar) link
[10/24/15] Pumpkaboo link
[11/22/15] Wigglytuff link
[11/11/16] Gengar link
[7/21/17] [REQUEST BATCH] Cresselia, Chandelure, Teddiursa link
[1/25/20] Inkay, Glaceon link
[3/27/20] Applin link
// // //
quinn's Avatarquinn
quinn's Avatar
✧ s e a d r a ✧ here's the first freebie ♥ this is the second template i made after my return to pfq; i tried experimenting with new styles and techniques. they still look pretty similar to my old templates though? anyways i hope you guys like it, here's the code; [IMG]https://pokefarm.com/upload/Quinn/**seadra1.png[/IMG][css=background-image: url('https://pokefarm.com/upload/Quinn/**seadra2.png'); padding-left: 65px; padding-right: 89px; color: #0B8FA1; font: arial; font-size: 11px; text-align: center;] TEXT HERE [/css][IMG]https://pokefarm.com/upload/Quinn/**seadra3.png[/IMG] please let me know what you think of this template; i appreciate all feedback ♥
vogue's Avatarvogue
vogue's Avatar
i LOVE the color scheme its so cool and the brushes are such a nice detail!! this is very good quality keep up the great work :)
Lila's AvatarLila
Lila's Avatar
-saves- it-it's amazing, better than my templates for sure :3 I really like the colour scheme, because it actually reminds me of the sea, also the text fits wonderfully as well, 8/10 for this one
avatar by BlackandWhite202
guavakitlin's Avatarguavakitlin
guavakitlin's Avatar
this is an overall amazing template! the colors that you chose go really well with the art. although i'm not really feeling the font color you chose for "seadra". i understand why you outined the blue with white but together against the border it just doesn't look right to me. also the dot brushes that you used above the text " the waves etc..." make the text a little harder to read. overall an amazing template, i really like the composition of the artwork, sprite, and text, although the brush placement seems awkward. (but don't get me wrong, some of the brushes you chose are super chill) good job! i'm sure in no time you're templates will look even more amazing, you just have to keep developing and improving your style. -- i would say "I save it" but seeing as on pokefarmq we cannot i shall say: i would save it, but i cannot <3
quinn's Avatarquinn
quinn's Avatar
✧ h o p p i p ✧ not sure how I feel about this template's colors and general appearance...figured I should post it anyways. let me know what you guys think! code: [img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/Quinn/hoppip1.png[/img][css=background:url('https://pokefarm.com/upload/Quinn/hoppip2.png'); color:#FC4463; padding-left:110px; padding-right:110px; font-size:11px][center]t e x t • h e r e[/center][/css][img]https://pokefarm.com/upload/Quinn/hoppip3.png[/img]
@vogue; thank you for your input ♥ i will keep up the good work? haha @lila; oh thank youuu, i'm sure your templates are great as well @guavakitlin; one day. ONE DAY. ONE DAY WE WILL ALL BE ABLE TO SAY THOSE SACRED WORDS, "I SAVE IT"
guavakitlin's Avatarguavakitlin
guavakitlin's Avatar
this is a beautiful template, although the color you chose to type with on the template is really off (kinda looks like a mustard yellow-red on my screen?) i really like the brushes and the colors you used, good job! the "h" is still weird in hoppip (its ok tho) ily and this template -- if could "i (would) save it"
quinn's Avatarquinn
quinn's Avatar
oh, i see what you mean. yeah i thought the color was off too; i think it should be fixed now. thank you for your advice ♥ you can fix your post now
Lila's AvatarLila
Lila's Avatar
-squeeee- okay, okay you gotta tell me what program you use ;x; other than that ummm... the image is really kaawii and welp again the words, the lyrics fit perfectly <3 8/10 again :3

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