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The Nicest Acts Of Kindness On This Site?

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despotcito's Avatardespotcito
despotcito's Avatar
i hatched a melan toxel and showed it off, but made a joke about how no shiny had come yet (which is what i wanted). out of nowhere, a very kind user gifted me a shiny toxel! it was so sweet of them... i've also asked multiple times about breeding pairs and each time, someone always offered me a pair or a pokemon. as for acts of kindess i've done, i used to give away spare albino eevees from my old hunt to new users on pokefarm. i don't have a supply of them anymore so i've stopped doing it, but i still hope i made a good impact on new users! once i return to my eevee hunt, i think it'll be nice to do it again. pokefarm has such a wonderful and kind community and i'm glad to be apart of it!
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Delta1413's AvatarDelta1413
Delta1413's Avatar
Oh I've got another one. A couple of months ago I hadn't caught up on the new galar shiny dexes yet, I was 1 short of SHINY and someone PMed me asking which dex I was missing. They then proceeded to give me the dex <3
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Allister291's AvatarAllister291
Allister291's Avatar
Someone who I don't remember ever interacting with at all just randomly gave me 400k credits, 500 GP, AND A meadow plate, Flame plate, and 3 Egg passes. My jaw hurts because of the face I made... not sure if they want to be named but...wow. If said user reads this, you know who you are, thank you so much!
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celena's Avatarcelena
celena's Avatar
Thunderjaw gave mea relic vase cause he knew I was struggling with funds <3
Qoeper's AvatarQoeper
Qoeper's Avatar
This community is lovely; I've been fortunate to encounter my own in my time here. When I had all but one badges Bronze, I was sent the relic copper, gem and RTEs to finish my Bronze Badge set. I was also sent a donation towards my savings for a PokeRadar c: If those people read this: Thank you. Your kindness made my day back then! Indirectly I was wonder gifted an Albino Shinx on my first day. Recently I picked up a shiny from the shelter that had been released for lucky shelter hunters. Even seeing the support in forums is amazing. I hope this community never loses that.
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kingaegis's Avatarkingaegis
kingaegis's Avatar
multiple people have sent me pokemon from the honedge line already!! the people on this site are very nice,,,
DJay325's AvatarDJay325
DJay325's Avatar
MysticFate sent me an albino Charmander all because I missed my favorite number in the Count to 4042 Before 2021 thread and she posted it before me :) She didnt need to do that, but it's nice that this community is so kind ❤️
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QueenCocoa's AvatarQueenCocoa
QueenCocoa's Avatar
I remeber when I was saving for a pr memory stick I posted in my about me just to keep track of things. A kind user DeathBird gave one to me. Sadly they left the game but ill always remeber them and what they did for me!
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kingaegis's Avatarkingaegis
kingaegis's Avatar
someone sent me a shiny for free!! im so! happy!! ill make it up to them at some point!!

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