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The Nicest Acts Of Kindness On This Site?

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RenCringe's AvatarRenCringe
RenCringe's Avatar
Literally just Rasmus. As mentioned by mikestarprince a few posts ago, you CAN'T stop him once he has you in his gifting sights-- he's just spontaneously hunting a bunch of people in the discord server melans??? He's sent me 4 special Oshawotts so far, and these are just from the hunt--
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chlorose's Avatarchlorose
chlorose's Avatar
I joined this month and I had more than a few people sending me welcome gifts. The community here is LOVELY!
Mirica199's AvatarMirica199
Mirica199's Avatar
just being here is enough to make me feel happy in between being gifted an Albino Eevee while I was going through a hard time and gifted a Shadow Lugia for my birthday last month and reading this thread it all just makes me feel so happy I love y'all here, y'all deserve every present you get
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selocon's Avatarselocon
selocon's Avatar
I forget who it was, but way back when, I was gifted a shiny me for my birthday, I still have said shiny.
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Terabbit's AvatarTerabbit
Terabbit's Avatar
The first melan ive ever been gifted 😭😭😭 my fave nature too. I almost cried when i saw him in my trades.
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I don't know since I am new. Nothing much yet I guess. Just the usual click backs when I click. It's odd though some people join the site and get gifted a random pokemon that may be shiny but others join and have no gifted pokemon and just have to grind their luck.
Eltafez's AvatarEltafez
Eltafez's Avatar
Such is life. There are a bunch of helpful people but they're in no way expected to gift something to new joiners. That's on their own terms and time. ^^
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QueenCocoa's AvatarQueenCocoa
QueenCocoa's Avatar
All you people are so lucky getting melan gifts ^^. I dont remember any act of kindness that happened to me but I have met a bunch of extremely kind users! This is probably the most kind site ive ever seen. Practically everyones kind :D Im trying to send everyone who posted in this thread a gift but I ran out of slots and money :'D but its so worth it
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Alpha Wyvern's AvatarAlpha Wyvern
Alpha Wyvern's Avatar
Ohh how I wish my memory was better. I've met some incredible people. And it wasn't about Pokemon, necessarily. It's about art. If I didn't have the art, nearly everything would have been forgotten. One person in particular, I believe her username was Absol. (Not the same Absol here). After I quit Pokefarm.org, she made this of our My Little Pony characters. I had found my first and only Shiny Ditto of that expensive, 8 month long hunt. Egg #90, I believe? She was very supportive during the entire endevour. That drawing's original inspection says it was saved back in January 2014. So long ago. Also, the old Admin was also very kind. I still have the magnets she made me! Anyways. Long story short, I've made and lost a lot of friends throughout the years on here. And hope to make many more!

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