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The Nicest Acts Of Kindness On This Site?

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Bubble07's AvatarBubble07
Bubble07's Avatar
A user gifted me 28d hypermode and an ubercharm when I lamented in a different thread about my melan hunt unluckiness - I literally squealed in delight bc thats?? So kind? I've been able to supply hypermode for myself now but I don't think I'll ever forget it. Thank you iOlrickx Also, when I was a wee newbie I PMed someone in a panic bc I had offered more than what I could pay for a trade by accident, and they were kind enough to help me make it (as they had a trade thread up that was currency4currency and I possessed enough of one). Thank you ezpups
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selocon's Avatarselocon
selocon's Avatar
I can't tell you how mush it means to me when people just give me Blastoise. I love Blastoise, and I hoard them, but I don't actively seek them out. Let me tell you, 3 of my 5 blastoise fields are full because someone used the jump link, found me and that I hoard them, and just...send me one...or 30... Also, I love it when people donate to raffles, knowing they may never get that kind of pokemon again. Also how many times I've seen integrity in PWYW threads. People could easily lowball things "1 credit for this shiny", but they don't. A majority of people offer fair prices, they might be lower than usual, but they're still fair.
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Not long after I posted my last post on this thread, talking about my Dark Delta obsession, SunniSweet sent me this angel to add to my collection:
I feel like every time I start to think how poor my interactions with the community on this site have been, someone decides to prove me wrong. ❤
By Mataamoja
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Zola's AvatarZola
Zola's Avatar
I'm a very new player, and two amazing people just gifted me some fakemon, and even a shiny!!! AND an A shelter pass! I was almost overwhelmed. People are really nice here. Even when I PM just to ask silly questions that are obvious. (sorry about that)
selocon's Avatarselocon
selocon's Avatar
Not recent at all, but kudos to this guy's OT. Whoever would WT a ditto is awesome
*****'s Avatar*****
*****'s Avatar
I was given this guy completely randomly, thank you very much!
BluefÒxxÓ's AvatarBluefÒxxÓ
BluefÒxxÓ's Avatar
I gave my friend a shiny skitty and a ditto egg voucher
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Icee's AvatarIcee
Icee's Avatar
This was over a year ago but when I said I wasn't able to get Hypermode to Hunt for Type Race, someone gifted me a 28d Hypermode pass, as well as helped me get a lot of the zc I needed at that time to buy a shiny Legendary I wanted. I'm happy to see there are so many nice people on this site who are willing to help with each other's goals. :)
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M7890's AvatarM7890
M7890's Avatar
When I was new, someone sent me 50k Credits when I was in need of them! Thank you, Nightmon!
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Fiestafoxy's AvatarFiestafoxy
Fiestafoxy's Avatar
Oh gosh, it wasn't for me, but a few months ago when I convinced my brother to join Pokefarm, (which he doesn't really anymore.) someone gave him an Albino Wartortle as a welcome gift. I thought it was really nice of them to do that ^ ^
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