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The Nicest Acts Of Kindness On This Site?

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Sedikit's AvatarSedikit
Sedikit's Avatar
I just had the most AMAZING experience and wanted to share on this thread TT^TT I got a shiny pichu from a WT which was INCREDIBLE since I am trying to horde pikachus (I'm still really new here!) so I sent a thank you message to the OT, Wolfette!! She responded by offering a shiny pichu to go with it, one thing happened after another, and she ended up giving me a whole set of S/A pichus for the pichu line TT^TT I can't believe this happened, I'm so so happy!!! Wolfette said she didn't want anything in return, so all I can do is tell everyone how amazing she is <3<3<3 thank you again!!!
Laurenzside's AvatarLaurenzside
Laurenzside's Avatar
aww thats so nice! and wait you are a begginer time to do a little something! >:3
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Sedikit's AvatarSedikit
Sedikit's Avatar
oh my goodness TT^TT Laurenzside just sent me an albino Rockruff I can't believe how nice this community is!! AND AN ALBINO SNOM JUST NOW TTOTT Y'ALL TYSM!!
Scatterbug's AvatarScatterbug
Scatterbug's Avatar
This wasn't recently but a while ago BlankSmile (who I dont believe plays anymore) gifted me a shiny flying pichu to congratulate me for hitting Arceus rank for the first time ever! It made me really happy :) (Sedikit's pichu story reminded me of this moment so I'm happy all over again!)
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Laurenzside's AvatarLaurenzside
Laurenzside's Avatar
@sedikit and I'm about to send more! >:3
KatieKomics's AvatarKatieKomics
KatieKomics's Avatar
Back when I was a newbie Terabit gifted me a shiny shadow Lugia, and I still have it in my fields. His name is Merlot because he's the colour of red wine.
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Kang's AvatarKang
Kang's Avatar
My new friend gifted me this melan today as a way to make me feel better. As I have been overly stressed an ancious lately to the point of hardly being able to sleep or function. ;w; So sweet!
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Laurenzside's AvatarLaurenzside
Laurenzside's Avatar
So pwetty!!!!! ❤❤❤
Mirica199's AvatarMirica199
Mirica199's Avatar
I'm still not over someone releasing a Melanistic Mega Weavile for Christmas and I was the one who found her...thank you so much and thanks to all the people who Wonder Traded me Shinies and Albinos for Christmas as well! y'all are amazing
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Mischevïous's AvatarMischevïous
Mischevïous's Avatar
i was randomly doling out free gp one day, (15gp per user), then a RANDOM ALBINO DELTA chikorita came after me in a trade sent by MuffPizza. 15gp for a special delta? Gosh, wish i could somehow repay them ;^; I'm eternally grateful MuffPizza- Wave of random specials in wonder trade today ;) Get them before i run out!~
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