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The Nicest Acts Of Kindness On This Site?

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sunneliøn's Avatarsunneliøn
sunneliøn's Avatar
Big shoutout to startheef for sending me nice stuff as a thanks for gifting them sweethearts when the valentine's day event ran. love ya fam <3 also big shoutouts to the users who gifted me wonderful stuff! my memory is bad so i might not remember you by name, but I'm still very grateful!
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DopeyTheCat's AvatarDopeyTheCat
DopeyTheCat's Avatar
I was wanting a shiny Litleo so bad and when i saw someone hunting them, i simply asked if they had any to sell and before you know it, they had gifted me one! I was speechless.. like i had the money but, they gave it to for me free instead. Made me day<3 Thanks again, 0Bella0! I love the Litleo so much, i named it after her TTvTT
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I got way too shook when this buddy'o popped up in my trade center, send help. This site has too many kind people...
Shannypopsxx's AvatarShannypopsxx
Shannypopsxx's Avatar
People are so kind - it's nice reading all of these nice things! :D
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I really wanted to start shiny hunting, but I had no tools to shiny hunt. I saved up credits for weeks, and then I finally bought the PokeRadar. I was so excited. I was left with 50k credits, but I was pretty happy with myself. That happiness lasted about .5 seconds when I realized it was basically useless without Hypermode or a PokeRadar+. I can't get ZC because I'm dead broke, and I didn't have enough credits to get the PokeRadar+. So I was basically back at square one. I stumbled across this trade thread where I asked one of the owners named Axel Dragneel if I could do a gem swap with them. We swapped gems, and they asked if I still needed help with buying a PokeRadar+. (I had put on my signature just a little point about how a PokeRadar was almost useless without Hypermode or a PokeRadar+ or something like that). They asked how many credits I needed, and they gifted me enough credits to buy the PokeRadar+! I was so excited! But yeah, this community is so great ^^ I love it! :D Being gifted a melanistic or a shiny legendary would be my dream I swear xD
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When the V.I.P. was a friend's list, some random shinies from a few on it. I think they were just in return after I passed random ones off to them. Random shinies around one Christmas one year and then there are the smaller things, like help with pairs plus gifted Pokémon and items I collect.
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Nidobun's AvatarNidobun
Nidobun's Avatar
I was gifted a shiny NidoranF one day out of the blue Q_Q
DakDak's AvatarDakDak
DakDak's Avatar
For me it was prob when Iocane let me dex a bunch of his stuff for free and even gave me a ditto. Tysm! This site is filled with awesome ppl!
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Corviknight's AvatarCorviknight
Corviknight's Avatar
SarakuHD gifted me her as a Noibat out of the blue, she's one of my favorites. C:
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Silverpelt21's AvatarSilverpelt21
Silverpelt21's Avatar
I haven't been gifted a ton of things but I've nearly cried when receiving these in response to the 'tag' I put on my trainer card about losing my cat. Huge thanks to Alvi, TuneSakuNatsu, and WanderingThunder respectively, for the incredibly sweet gifts/messages :3 they're all in a special field so I can always remember them: And a thank you to Vanitail for this cutie! HullyGee sent me a sweet message and a trade when I was feeling nervous about job training. I helped Cele out with dexes and they gave me some currency back. BakaStitch gave me a bunch of gems when I needed them for a hunt. HoboAGA ordered a shiny Seasonal Turtwig for me and was very patient and kind during the wait. There were others but I can't remember so thank you to everyone who was ever nice to me!!! Pfffft as for the things I've done...I've given away multitudes of Rock gems, sold exclusives, legendaries, event, shiny, and albino Pokemon cheap, I let Calypso have a GS Ball when we were offering on a trade thread (thanks for the sweet thank you message!), and I've sent out exclusives and RTEs over Wondertrade a good bit. I've also sent people birthday presents if they put it in their trainer card and given away some Dragon gems as well. Oh, and I try to send nice messages or trades to people if they seem depressed or grieving on their profiles. I also gave someone like half the credits for a Pokeradar they needed but I can't remember their username. I know I've done more but I honestly can't think of any more haha
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