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Delta Pokemon Showcase!

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Cledànio's AvatarCledànio
Cledànio's Avatar

Cledanio | She/They| Adult

286/550 Buying at 40
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Type Race Score; 820
Mirica199's AvatarMirica199
Mirica199's Avatar
keeping this thread alive with a rare Delta I got last year!
new to forums, still learning I like to talk about magical animals called Pokemon can get emotional easily but that's ok since I love you all anyway my icon is from Pokemon Cafe Mix btw! Such a cute game~
EstherGamer's AvatarEstherGamer
EstherGamer's Avatar
Wasn't expecting to keep this lad for much longer (I was trying to get a different type, I believe my goal was Electric that day), but I decided to mega him for a nice start to upgrading my normal badge! If I can think of some details for him I might make him a full character to join the rest of my Shaymin group, even if working him into a story I'm writing for that group would be challenging (and that's if I figure out how to make him work lorewise at all).
Avatar is an edited version of Sky Forme Shaymin's portrait from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, edited by me.
Sooty's AvatarSooty
Sooty's Avatar
Got this buddy from the shelter! Pretty fitting delta colour I think :3
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Rawst BerryRawst Berry
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Bitter food
Happiness MAX
Sassy nature
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navia's Avatarnavia
navia's Avatar
just hatched this little guy :3
image from genshin's official art resized by me
Camikuh's AvatarCamikuh
Camikuh's Avatar
I knew that fighting delta probably will look good on Koraidon but it looks even better than I thought ;w;
English is not my native. Pfp drawn by Camikuh (me), character on it - Nahida from Genshin Impact 0
bootes's Avatarbootes
bootes's Avatar
Hatched a special girl today :D Unfortunately not my collected delta type, so I'll see if I can swap for her, but she is very pretty!!
× 102 / 100
trade shop | journal dark-type and delta collector avatar from Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective @ CAPCOM Co., Ltd.
Background from Ōkami, gif found on Tenor. F2U code by Gumshoe
NAUGHTY's Avatar
i only needed 3 eggdexes for variants until 100%ing so i decided to use some delta points and an egg pass just for fun. kind of in shock as this is my first ever delta special that ive hatched! oh how i wish you were spicy..
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GeorgieKun13's AvatarGeorgieKun13
GeorgieKun13's Avatar
I just bought this gal recently. As soon as I saw her, I just had to (even if it left me broke, lol).
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Lots of
Gimmighoul Coins
Gems- wtr, elc, grs, ice, fgt, psn, grd, fly, rck, ght, drg, drk, stl
Avatar by The Lich Queen
RoyaLotad's AvatarRoyaLotad
RoyaLotad's Avatar
Got some good looking dudes from one Pokerus
shattered psych oct '23 win | made by @Cryst
Score: 2920
Type race score display code by Lycankai Profile pic is gift art from my good friend Shiny_Mod on Twitter!

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