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Delta Pokemon Showcase!

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Delilah Vee's AvatarDelilah Vee
Delilah Vee's Avatar
I’m kinda obsessed with delta cs Pokémon I’ve probably already shown Poppy before but I’ve got a female ghost eevee that soon I’m probably going to get her a captain driftblim costume or a mismagius costume for her I’m also trying to find a good name for her so if you guys has any ideas that would be great
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Flappy's AvatarFlappy
Flappy's Avatar
Eggs 90 and 91 <3 Really like the albino
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MizzzTickle's AvatarMizzzTickle
MizzzTickle's Avatar
I have been working on these! I couldn't bring them all here...they are a fiesty bunch! =D https://pokefarm.com/fields. They are so colorful. I would LOVE to do them all in all the types but geh that's alot of delta's! =0 Just thought I would share that with y'all! Thanks for looking! TASTE THE RAINBOW!! =D
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Figure.09's AvatarFigure.09
Figure.09's Avatar
hatched a fire nincada last night just before rus
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Delilah Vee's AvatarDelilah Vee
Delilah Vee's Avatar
I’ve got this bab I’m starting to now collect female delta eevees still trying to think of a name
Duusu's AvatarDuusu
Duusu's Avatar
Delilah, I recently bought a male water for a Sylveon, too, lol:
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Cheri Berry (SPICY)
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Chesto Berry (DRY)
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Pecha Berry (SWEET)
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Delilah Vee's AvatarDelilah Vee
Delilah Vee's Avatar
Duusu ha lol we’ve got matching sylveons I also forgot to put this bab up and I also just realized we got are sylveons from the same person XD
Duusu's AvatarDuusu
Duusu's Avatar
My other two that I bought have evolved: Still need to get the rest of the line!
Figure.09's AvatarFigure.09
Figure.09's Avatar
another day, another nincada, this one happened to be albino. wasn't even expecting something like that given i woke up hatching my party; but here he is! --------------------------- edit : also want to add on that this here is the first albino delta i have hatched since the grass litten almost a couple years ago --------------------------- edit the second : i forgot i delta'd 2 nincada so here's the other one which came before the albino above :
last night i delta'd a whole party of charmander and then this girl showed up and it was pretty surprising. i didn't expect it at all, because i had gone to my fields and looked in my party and she was just there. i almost cried. :)
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