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Delta Pokemon Showcase!

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shoubunny's Avatarshoubunny
shoubunny's Avatar
Showcase your Delta Pokemon here! Any Delta Pokemon displayed first out of their own species will be considered the first on-site unless it is objected by another user. I do believe I have the first Delta Popplio!
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Austro's AvatarAustro
Austro's Avatar
I got my mareep it had to be my first one she is a ground type XD
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jarjarkai's Avatarjarjarkai
jarjarkai's Avatar
My pichu became electric electric lol He's in my party :D
siamece's Avatarsiamece
siamece's Avatar
shiny delta i guess! hes fire type
LoneShadøw's AvatarLoneShadøw
LoneShadøw's Avatar
My fire meowth, also in party.
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Snomflake's AvatarSnomflake
Snomflake's Avatar
I got a double fairy Cleffa
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Feeble's AvatarFeeble
Feeble's Avatar
got a delta smeargle! shes a flying type!
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Naika's AvatarNaika
Naika's Avatar
my rock type scizor-
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Soul's AvatarSoul
Soul's Avatar
Hatched a Bug-type Rockruff just a few minutes ago. It feels nice to own a Delta Pokémon, even if it's not the type I wanted it to be. Still, it feels good knowing that Rockruff was my first Delta Pokémon.
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shoubunny's Avatarshoubunny
shoubunny's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Feeblefox

got a delta smeargle! shes a flying type!
Does it fly with its tail? :0 Anyways, great to see a bunch of Delta Pokemon already! I plan on trying to get a Delta Legendary soon, if we can.

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